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    Learn Languages 24 Review

    During lock down, many of us took up new hobbies. You might have already read about how I started to knit again thanks for the quarantine. I have also started working on my education again. I haven’t really documented it well, but I gave up my university studies at the start of this year. Structured education wasn’t really my thing, and I knew that when I started. I much prefer to work at my own pace, with no deadlines and no pressure. That’s why learning online courses is really useful for me. Today I want to talk about Learn Languages 24, which is a website I’ve tried recently that is…

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    So Sand DIY Review

    A couple of years ago, I had this idea that I wanted to start an ASMR channel on YouTube. There are lots of different ways of exploring ASMR and how it affects people. Recently, I’ve been exploring the visual side of it and how all the textures and colours can work to create those magic tingles. So, I was delighted when I was gifted a box of So Sand DIY Satisfying Magic Sand by Canal Toys.¬†Disclaimer: This is was gifted to me but I was under no obligation to write a review, favourable or otherwise. Accordingly, it will be tagged as gifted. For those who don’t know anything about ASMR,…

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    Level 40

    I’ve waited a week to write my usual birthday post. I found it a little bit too painful to write about in the last week. But I’m now at the point when I can’t NOT write about it because it’s something that I have to document. I’ve written before about how I have a birthday curse. Name a birthday, I’ll tell you about the disasters that occurred on that day. The milestones are usually the worst. 16th? Stuck for an hour in a public toilet in Dartmouth because I was constipated while someone outside was acting out a Punch and Judy show. Not the kind of place you want to…

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    Love Crafts Helped Me Craft Myself Happy

    Like everyone else, I’ve been trying to find ways to keep myself amused recently. I’ve taken countless online courses, some of which were certificated so it definitely wasn’t time wasted and I’ve learned a lot – I’ll talk about those in another post. I’ve launched that business I spent so long talking about last year – more on that later. But it hasn’t all been learning and working. I’ve spent some time being creative for fun too! I was recently contacted Love Crafts to ask if I’d like a sample of some of their products. I was gifted two balls of super chunky, high quality merino wool and a pair…