The Men’s Fragrance Responsible For My Son’s Existence

When I began blogging back in 2005 I had one aim.  That aim was not to sell books, write reviews or get freebies.  It was to relate funny or interesting stories about things that had happened to me personally.  Whatever else a blog is, it should begin by being personal.  Somewhere along the way I seem to have forgotten that which is why I am going to start using this beauty blog to write stories about how certain products have affected me and my life.  I want to begin this new phase of my blog by telling you about the men’s fragrance I credit for my son’s conception.

pregnancy test ben sherman london calling men's fragrance

I have to begin by going back to 2007.  I started a new job at a solicitor’s office in Paisley.  Every morning I would park in the nearby multi-story car park and I would walk past the same people.  I would get to know their clothes, their mannerisms and how they smelled.  There was one man in particular who smelled absolutely freaking amazing.  I admired his aftershave.  I thought to myself, “I wonder what that is?  I’d love to buy that for my husband.”  It’s a random thought many a woman has had.

Fast forward to 2010 and I was having a personal crisis.  Make of that statement what you will, but I began doing things I would never normally have done.  One morning in May of that year I was thinking about buying a birthday present for my husband and I saw the man with the absolutely freaking amazing aftershave. I was in the right frame of mind so I approached him.

“Excuse me,” I whimpered, then reminded myself I am a confident woman of almost thirty years of age (at that point) and I can say and do whatever I want in life, so long as I’m not hurting anyone.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but I’m buying a birthday present for my husband later today and I really like your aftershave.  Can I ask what it is?”

He murmured something about it being a Ben Sherman one, turned the colour of beetroot and ran away.  I never saw him again.  I think he started parking somewhere else.  I’d feel bad about it but when I related the story on Facebook all my girlfriends were impressed and one even said I was her hero!

pregnancy test ben sherman london calling men's fragrance

So later that day I took myself to Superdrug and got smelling until I found the one I was looking for.  Ben Sherman’s London Calling.  I bought a gift pack with two other Ben Sherman fragrances and gave it to my husband for his birthday.  

I can’t tell you how excited I was at the way he smelled that weekend.  Well, you can guess because nine months later my son appeared.  

pregnancy test ben sherman london calling men's fragrance

The moral of the story is: 

1) don’t be afraid to ask what someone is wearing if you think they smell good, 
2) some men just can’t take a compliment and 
3) Ben Sherman should start providing condoms with bottles of London Calling.

pregnancy test ben sherman london calling men's fragrance

Have you ever been affected that much by a particular fragrance?


Review: Native Unearthed Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm

Those who follow me on Twitter will know one important fact about me: I have debilitating anxiety issues and have had for most of my adult life. What’s strange about anxiety is that the symptoms often change. My brain shifts the goalposts. So, I could work really hard to get control of the panic attacks and hyperventilating, but then my brain will change focus and make me sweat. It’s exhausting and I’m always searching for new ways to cope with it. What has happened in recent years is that I’ve started sweating a lot in situations that make me fearful. So, while I still have to deal with the anxiety, I now also have to deal with the embarrassing symptoms too and my deodorant is regularly letting me down. So, I decided to try a natural deodorant balm instead. Step forward Native Unearthed‘s Activated Charcoal Natural Deodorant Balm!

This is completely different from any deodorant I have used in the past. I hate aerosols and as I previously said, my usual deodorant, which is a Nivea roll-on, is not doing much to help at all. The activated charcoal deodorant comes in a small jar with a screw-top lid. On opening my first impression was that it looked disgusting, but smelled like heaven. There’s a subtle scent of lavender which isn’t overpowering and is just pungent enough to feel soothing.

The balm itself is firm. It takes a little bit of effort to get it out of the jar, so perhaps some kind of spatula in the lid might be a good investment for the brand – but I know this all costs money to produce and would cut into the brand’s profits and since they’re not well-known yet, I can see how that might not be viable. According to the side of the jar you should “use the spatula” but I didn’t get one of those. I used the back of a teaspoon to get it out and put it onto my skin, using a pea-sized amount as directed.

What’s great about using a natural deodorant is that it is paraben and aluminium free. To be honest, I didn’t know that deodorants needed to be aluminium free, but here we are. Every day’s a school day. It’s formulated mostly from baking soda, charcoal and some nice scented oils, such as coconut, rosehip and lavender. There’s also shea butter in there to keep your skin lovely and moisturised and arrowroot, which kills fungi, kills bacteria and is just an ideal natural product to have in a deodorant.

Ok, to sum up, the things I liked about this were the smell and the fact that it’s all natural. It didn’t work any better than my conventional Nivea roll-on deodorant, but that’s ok because it didn’t work any worse than it either. I reapplied about the same number of times I would with a roll-on too. So, the question is whether I want to pay a little bit extra for a natural product and feel all virtuous or stick to my chemical laden cheap roll-on. This Native Unearthed product is not tested on animals, uses high-quality, vegan ingredients and can be easily purchased on the high-street for £7.99 at Holland and Barrett, so it’s not like I’ll have to jump through hoops to buy it, but it does seem a bit expensive just for a deodorant, especially when I’m currently supplementing my income with Carer’s Allowance. The short answer is that yes, I would re-purchase but only when my finances are healthier.

How important is wearing a natural deodorant to you?

Review: LaRitzy Lip Pencil

I’ve always associated lip pencils with the 1980s and Caroline (aka Caggy) from Big Brother series 1. I’ve never been a huge fan of them. However, when I received a sample of one recently as part of a subscription box, I decided to give it a go. LaRitzy Cosmetics weren’t a brand I was familiar with, so I’m not only discovering lip liner for the first time, I’m also trying a new brand.

LaRitzy Cosmetics are a Montreal based brand who are passionate about creating and selling products which are high-quality, vegan and cruelty free. So that’s already three awesome things about them. The lip liner I tried was also paraben free, so that’s another box ticked. For those who don’t know, it’s claimed by many people who frequently wear lab coats that parabens are linked to breast cancer as breast cancer tissue has been found to contain parabens. So, that’s why you should always opt for products that don’t have parabens in them. While I do this as far as possible, I try not to obsess about it. If there’s a really useful and otherwise brilliant product that contains parabens, I will buy it. I just don’t overload my skin with them like I used to.

There’s one thing that annoys me before I even open this product though. It says “cruelty free” on the box. It also says “Made in China.” I’ve already written about the Chinese policy on animal testing in a previous post and I’m not exactly sure how it can be made in China and cruelty free at the same time. Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

The pencil came packaged in a cute pink and white box. The pencil thankfully says “Beau” which was the name for the colour I received on the side of the pencil itself, so there’s no doubt as to which colour I have and re-ordering would be simple. However, the colour of the pencil itself and the colour on the sticker are quite different. That’s disappointing, to say the least. When applied, the colour is nowhere near to matching the sticker.

On their website they have four colours available and they are priced at $18.00 which I think is reasonable for a pencil, but I certainly wouldn’t pay any more for that, especially when it’s made in China and the whole animal testing thing is a grey area. I know products sold in China have to be tested on animals by Chinese laws, but can they be made there, for sale in other countries, and stay cruelty free? I just can’t find any clear cut answers online.

The pencil glides on easily. There’s no dragging or having to re-colour and it didn’t dry my lips out. What I did find was that it smudged a fair bit, so if you’re looking for a lip liner that stays put and holds in lip colour, this probably isn’t a product for you. If, however, you want softer edges, this could be ideal.

It blended well with a similar coloured lipstick and didn’t require too much effort to remove. I used baby wipes once, Simple cleansing wipes another time and the third time I tried it I just used a little soap and water.

I would give this lip liner 7 out of 10, but please bear in mind that I’m not a lip liner person and I’m new to the lip liner game. It hasn’t converted me and I still don’t think there is much point in using lip pencils, but if I was to use one, this would be one I would stick with. As things stand, I will keep this product, but it will probably lurk at the bottom of my make-up bag and get used when I feel like changing things up rather than being a staple item.

Which make-up product have you never really been into?

The Problem With Subscription Boxes

I’m a huge fan of subscription boxes. I’ve tried several now, including Pink Parcel and Secret Scent Box and my husband has even jumped on the bandwagon and subscribed to a shaving box from Harry’s (review coming soon). But there is one thing that really annoys me about subscription boxes. There are often products in them that you cannot repurchase.

Back in September 2017 I received an awesome Pink Parcel box and inside was this Styl London Oval Face Brush. I instantly fell in love with it. It’s compact enough to fit into my make-up bag, has the softest bristles I’ve ever felt and it blends foundation, primer and blush to perfection. The problem is, I now cannot find it online – except on eBay where a few Pink Parcel subscribers are re-selling products.

If this was on the market, I would expect to pay around £10 for something of such good quality. And this is coming from a woman who won’t spend money on make-up brushes and only ever uses the ones she gets at Christmas in various gift sets. It really is that good.

The other thing that bothers me about this brand, apart from the fact that you can’t buy the products they’ve already spent a lot of money promoting, is their brand name. Is it Styl London? Is it Stylondon? Or StyLondon. I just don’t know and this is a problem because the digital market is huge and if I don’t even know what I’m searching for, it’s going to be too difficult to buy their products. Nobody wants to jump through hoops just to get a decent make-up brush. It has to be easy to find.

I would give this product a solid 9 out of 10, but it loses that crucial point and misses out on being a 10 because of how impossible it is to repurchase.

Have you ever discovered a product and fallen in love with it only to find you couldn’t repurchase?

Does Anyone Need A Travel Bucket List?

Away back in 2012 I wrote a blog post about a travel bucket list. This was at a time when travel was still high on my list of priorities and a huge part of my life plan. Then came the autism diagnosis, debt and health issues for everyone in my household (meaning travel insurance is a bloody nightmare) and travelling was suddenly not on my radar.

world's 50 best beaches palm trees fantasy beach

Then I started tidying up old posts and republishing them here on RockPaperSpirit and I came across the travel bucket list post from 2012. To be honest, I had forgotten that I had ever wanted to do some of these. Here they are:

1) Walking the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland.
2) Having a mad weekend at Glastonbury.
3) Visiting the Arctic Circle in June to see what 24 hour daylight is like.
4) Watching a ballet in Russia.
5) Eating a sausage in Germany (not a euphemism).
6) Making a face mask out of fresh Dead Sea mud.
7) People watching in Scandinavia.  Any part of it.  I have a Viking fetish.  I just want to go and perv on the men.
8) Drinking Colombian coffee at a cafe in Plaza Bolivar, Cartagena, Colombia.
9) Sunbathing in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
10) Seeing a Grand Prix at Interlagos.
11) Hawaii.  Just being there.
12) Seeing Suburban Legends play in Orange County.  Because I ❤ them.
13) Making love outdoors in Tuscany.  Never got to do that last time I was there.
14) Using monoi I’ve bought in Tahiti and not through mail order.
15) Building a sandcastle in the Caribbean.
16) Going snowboarding in New Zealand.
17) Eating Pakistani food in Pakistan.
18) Going fishing in New Caledonia.
19) Eating proper fondue in Switzerland.
20) Visiting Canada.
Almost six years have passed now and I haven’t done a single one of them. There are maybe three I still feel passionately about doing one day (1, 10 and 12) but the rest I honestly couldn’t care less about. So, I started wondering about my 40 Before 40 List. It was written less than a year ago and even after that short space of time, I’ve already decided those things aren’t important.
world's 50 best beaches palm trees fantasy beach bora bora
I saw a video recently where Tim Minchin, the comedian, was giving a speech at a university. He advised against setting long term goals, the reason being that while you’re striving for something really far away, you’re missing out on what’s close. You’re so busy looking twenty years ahead that you’re not thinking about the short term. At least, that’s what I took from what he said. When I first saw this video I wasn’t sure I agreed with him but having thought about this, and compared the 2012 me with the 2018 me, I am starting to think he’s right.  It might be a good idea to now review my 40 Before 40 list, to ensure that I still feel passionately about the things that are listed there and that they’re still what I want.
Did you ever set a goal and feel very enthusiastic about it and then realise a while down the line that you didn’t want it anymore? What did you do?

What To Do When You Fall Out Of Love With Your Book

I wanted to write a blog about my latest book release, Waiting For Magic, however I have one major problem. Everything about the book annoys me. I don’t think I’m alone, as a writer, in saying that I sometimes fall out of love with my books, my characters and the world I created. In fact, it’s probably quite common. A large number of novels that are started are never completed. You start off with tons of enthusiasm and your imagination in overdrive. If you’re anything like me, you start living the book in your head. You jump out of bed in the morning, excited to start writing. You really, truly feel like this could be the book that helps you make it big. And then you hit an enthusiasm dip and sometimes, you never get back out of that dip.

Ladies and gentlemen of the writing world, I feel ya. This is not uncommon and there are many ways you can deal with this.

studying, writing

The first, probably most common way is to give up on the book and start something else instead. You don’t have writer’s block, do you? I personally subscribe to the Jerry Seinfeld theory about writer’s block. There’s no such thing. It’s just an excuse for not doing your work. So, start writing something else. Maybe you’ll love that next project until the end, or maybe you will hate it just as much, but at least it’s progress.

The second way to deal with it is to put it aside for a while and go back to it when you’re in a better frame of mind. It’s possible you’re just fatigued, so go and read some of your favourite books, have a day out, watch some movies or make love. Whatever your thing is to unwind, do it.

l k jay agony aunt webcam modelling

The third way to deal with it is to keep going and force it out. Some people really stick by this method but to misquote an old joke about love, writing a book is like a fart – if you have to force it it’s going to be shit.

During the writing of my fairy tale trilogy, I did lots of things to try and force the writing process. It took me three years and four months from start to finish and during that time I filled five notebooks full of plot changes, made Spotify playlists full of songs that I was convinced were inspiring me and drew maps of the village where the story was set. I sketched characters, wrote poems and set release dates, hoping that the fear of a deadline would help move things along. Were any of these things the “right thing to do?” Well, they weren’t wrong, and I did end up with three books but I also ended up with a really unsatisfying experience that I’m really glad is over.

lacey dearie waiting for magic fairy tale

The one good thing to come out of this whole experience is knowing that my strength lies in writing about cat detectives and everything else is just me wishing I was someone else. So, the question now is, shall I write a new Leger story or start another cozy mystery series?

Switch To Green Energy And Earn Cash With Bulb

If you’re like me, you’ve been angered by the recent price hikes from the energy companies like British Gas. So, it makes sense to switch suppliers. When I did so last year, I chose Bulb for a few reasons.

The first reason I switched to Bulb was because they’re a small start-up who have only recently joined the market. This means when you phone them to give a meter reading, you’re speaking to someone in a really small team and you’ll likely get treated like a human being rather than just another customer. As you all know, RockPaperSpirit is all about supporting the small brands.

renewable energy bulb referral £50 off

The second reason I chose Bulb is that they supply green energy from renewable sources. As someone who is concerned by climate change, this appealed to me. I’m no expert in these areas but I know that renewable sources are a good thing and something I want to encourage.

The third reason was financial. I’m not just writing this blog because I want to push a small company, although that is important! By signing up with my referral link, you can get £50 off your bill. I also get £50 off mine. It’s win/win. You’ll also save on switching fees, because Bulb pay them for you.

renewable energy bulb referral £50 off

Their prices aren’t always the cheapest on the market. That will depend on your usage. But they are competitive and with the green energy issue and the fact you don’t have switching fees and can earn £50 for each referral, they are an option worth looking at.

My referral link is  By clicking there to sign up, you’ll get £50 off your bill and Bulb will pay your switching fees from your old energy supplier.

5 Things Not To Do During A Job Interview

This year, I am determined to get a new job. I have set myself a target of finding suitable employment by Easter, which seemed realistic and do-able, until this week. I went for my first job interview in a number of years. Over the last ten years, I’ve only been for two, including the one this week but in the course of my working life there have been plenty, both good and bad. While this week’s interview was by no means a disaster, it did inspire me to share some of my horrendous interviews so you can learn from my experience, and hopefully laugh at yourself the way I can now laugh at some of these.

Don’t stare at the interviewer’s distinguishing facial features

My first ever job interview was at the local Gala Bingo in 1998. The man interviewing me had three eyebrows. I kid you not. He had the normal two and then another separate from them right in the middle of his forehead. I spent far too long looking at it and wondering if it was a hairy bindi, some kind of piercing or if he was just unfortunate enough to have been born with three eyebrows. I didn’t do well on the questions and then I got a letter the very next day telling me thanks but no thanks. I don’t blame them, to be honest.

job interview what not to do

Don’t leave your handbag open

My last long-term job was at a firm of solicitors in Paisley. At my interview I somehow left my handbag open, dropped it and out popped my feminine hygiene products, in full view of everyone in the very busy reception area. The male junior turned around, looked and then looked away. He probably doesn’t even remember that but I’m still cringing so hard.

Don’t put up with too many personal questions

I used to work at an office that won the prestigious Law Firm Of The Year Award. So you would think it’s a great place to work, right? Wrong! During my interview at that delightful office back in 2003, I was asked way too many personal questions. Do I smoke? Because he doesn’t employ smokers. Do I live with my parents? I did at that point. Good, he liked that. Do I have any ambitions? Because he doesn’t hire people who aren’t ambitious. Do I have a boyfriend? I did. What does he do for a living? What do my parents do for a living? What do my siblings do for a living? STOP! That should have been a red flag right there and I ignored it. If people do this at your interview, they will continue to do it while you’re working there and unless you like people watching your every damn move, it’s not going to go well. I left four years down the line because when I had a UTI, he started making a note of how many times I visited the toilet and for how long and criticised my mannerisms when I eat, amongst other things. Don’t be afraid to walk out of an interview if this happens.

job interview what not to do

Don’t get honesty tourettes

While it’s never a good idea to lie during an interview, there is such a thing as too much truth. I have this strange condition which I like to call Honesty Tourettes. Sometimes I say something thinking it’ll be acceptable and only realise when I see the look of horror on someone else’s face that I thought wrong. Like the time that I went to a Family Law firm in South Ayrshire for an interview and the woman asked me about my hobbies. I proceeded to tell her all about my creative writing and how I used to staple little sheets of paper together with Care Bear stationery when I was 7. I then went on to tell her about a minor car accident that had been my wake up call and I had to start dedicating my life to writing. I might as well have told her my dog sings Bohemian Rhapsody because she looked at me like I was that weird. Nobody else would have this problem because they’d just say they like cake decorating or something like that.

job interview what not to do

Don’t turn up to someone else’s interview

This sounds like a pretty basic thing but seriously, I think I may have done it. I was at an interview in an estate agency firm in Ayr back in 2007. There was something amiss from the start but I couldn’t put my finger on it. There were two interviewers, one male and one female and the female initially called me Carol-Ann. I stumbled my way through correcting her (I think I may even have apologised for her mistake?) and then she nodded, checked her notes and started the interview. She didn’t seem to know any of my work history, despite having my CV in front of her and calling me in for a meeting. Half way through, the male interviewer came in and shook my hand.

“Nice to meet you Carol-Ann,” he said.

“It’s Sharon, actually.”

“Sorry! Sharon-Ann,” he said.

“No, it’s just Sharon.”

“Well Carol, this job was actually for a junior position and you look a bit older but for the right person, who knows!”

It was then I started to think there may have been a mistake somewhere down the line and I had been called for someone else’s interview but I just carried on and when they were finished I thanked them for their time and got the hell out of there. I sometimes think about Carol-Ann and wonder if she got the job. And what her first day was like.

Do you have any disastrous job interview stories? Share them below!

Selling Your Sole – The Truth About Selling Shoes To Fetishists

First off, a disclaimer of sorts. I am a grown woman who knew exactly what I was doing. I knew no woman in her right mind would buy a trashed shoe on eBay and there was only one type of person who would want them. And I knew what they would be doing with them. So, now, let’s proceed with the story.

My step-son, Kenny, has his own eBay shop. He sells everything, from DVDs to collectable coins and bank notes to…anything really! One time Kenny and his wife told me a story about what happened when they sold a pair of old shoes. They immediately got a message from someone who asked if the shoes smelled. Their reply was something like the shoes were in wearable condition and cleaned to meet eBay regulations. The potential buyer lost interest. He only wanted them if they smelled. We all had a good laugh and that was that.

foot fetish selling shoes online dominatrix

Fast forward to 2017. I am broke. I have no income, raging sciatica and a bag full of pretty shoes I’ll probably never wear again thanks to their skyscraper heels. My Carers Allowance has been withheld for most of 2017 and I only got paid four days before Christmas. I am scared about the future and whether we can continue to make ends meet. I’ve heard plenty of stories about women making money online through selling their trashed shoes (see this article and this forum thread) so I seriously consider jumping on the bandwagon and listing my “well-worn shoes” on eBay, even though none of them have been worn that often (I live in Dr Martens) and I’m pretty sure they smell alright. It’s just an idea until one night I get a message from an account on Twitter with a default profile pic. A man called Chris Smith randomly gets in touch and asks if I will sell him my shoes. He says he’ll pay a lot of money.  I say I’ll think about it.

I asked myself a lot of questions. How will the money be exchanged? How much can I make? Does the buyer get my address? How will my husband feel about it? What if this person is involved in a violent crime and leaves my shoes and DNA at the scene? Ok, so maybe it’s just me who thinks along those lines but it’s a valid question nevertheless. The most important question is, how will I feel about myself if I do this? I’m pretty open-minded. I don’t judge other people’s sexual preferences but I did once make one of my characters obsessed with feet because I wanted to make him less sexy in my head. It worked.

I needed answers to my questions, so I talked it over with my husband. Then I investigated Chris online, my potential buyer, and saw that he had been making payments to a dominatrix on Twitter and all he wanted in return for these payments was to be told how pathetic he was. I’m sitting there gobsmacked as I read through her Twitter feed. Surely this stuff only happens in bad 1980s pornos? Well, apparently not. It happens on Twitter in 2018 and is there for all the world to see.

I told Chris I would sell him the manky old slippers I was about to throw away. I’d decided £50 was fine. All he had to do was send me the money and his address and I’d post them out, in a zip-lock bag to retain any scent, even though they don’t actually smell too bad. He vanished from Twitter, having been reported by someone. Neither I, nor the dominatrix, were impressed. Since my private sale had fallen through, I took the idea to eBay instead.

foot fetish selling shoes online dominatrix

This is where it gets both amusing and disgusting. My own opinion varies depending on what mood I’m in. I listed slippers, boots and stilettos. And just for a laugh, a pair of manky old tights with several snags in the legs. I wanted to see what I could get away with. Within a few minutes, my views for each item were into double figures. Within an hour, my inbox was full of messages to answer. The watch count for them was rising. I was satisfied that this was going to be profitable and got to work on answering the messages.

Now, the description for each item, after describing the size, colour, type etc, went something like, “well-worn, will be cleaned to meet eBay regulations before sending, any questions please ask.” So there wasn’t really a lot to ask me, you’d think. Except, they always found yet another question, yet another way of continuing the dialogue. And when they’d asked everything they could about the product, they either started chatting and trying to get to know me or they started the dirty talk – which obviously earned them a deaf ear.

One chap gave me his email address. He asked me if the boots would be cleaned before sending. Sensing he didn’t want them cleaned, I said that was up to him. His response was, “I’d love to be told to do that myself.” I passed my phone to my husband and asked him how I should respond. I’ve never seen Alex make the face he did then, which was somewhere between a cringe and a giggle. He didn’t give me any guidance on the matter so my response was, “Well, make sure you’re the highest bidder or I won’t be telling you to do anything.” He wasn’t, by the way. He didn’t bid at all.

I was inundated with requests for pictures of my feet which I declined. I was asked if I would be selling panties or socks or stockings. And then one man actually pushed me over the edge. It was then that I decided this wasn’t a laugh any more and I was getting seriously pissed off.

Buyer: Do you do anything with them before selling?

Me: They’ll be cleaned to meet eBay’s regulations before selling as stated in the description.

Buyer: Do you do anything else with them?

Me: I’ll place them in a zip-lock bag to prevent damage in transit.

Buyer: Anything else?

Me: Well, what do you want me to do with them?

Buyer: I want you to make them wet.

Me: *sits there, for a moment naively thinking that if I wash them they’ll get wet, but that means they’ll be heavier and I’ll have to bump up the postage before sending – then realise that he means he wants them smeared in vaginal fluids*

Me: You’ll have to do that yourself.

So, contrary to what you read in the press, this is basically what happens when you try to sell shoes online. Despite receiving lots of small bids, I was unlikely to make more than a tenner on anything so I removed all but a pair of Dr Marten heels before the end of the auction. I let them run until the end and sold them to a very formal and appropriate man in Ipswich who described them in his positive feedback as a “lovely purchase.” To make more than a few quid, I suspect I would have had to court the fetishists and lead them on. There would have to be pictures of feet exchanged, engagement in dirty talk and bodily fluids smeared on the shoes.

foot fetish selling shoes online dominatrix

My own experience makes me question the validity of the stories I’ve read online, apparently written by women who have sold their own shoes and made a good living doing it, or at least enough pocket money to make it worthwhile. I don’t think they’re true. Either that, or they’ve got some really sexy bunions going on. I did have a brief but pleasant exchange of messages with a man who was interested in buying tights. When I removed them he was disappointed and I explained my reasons for backing out. He admitted that not a lot of women sell their shoes online so when a new seller comes on the scene, men all want to get to know them. He then explained that most of these men aren’t willing to pay much and are more interested in trying to get the women to talk dirty.

So, for anyone who is broke and thinking of selling their shoes, by all means go ahead, but be aware that you will not be making that much money and you’re expected to do a lot to earn it, perhaps more than you’re willing to do. It sounds like money for old rope and the women who write about it online will have you believe that it’s easy cash, but, in short, they’re lying.

The 10-A-Day For A Month Challenge: The Outcome

Back in August of this year, I undertook a challenge to eat 10 portions of fruits or vegetables a day for a month. I did promise back then that I would update you all on how it went. So, here’s what I discovered happening to me and my body following that challenge to eat more fruits and vegetables. The results were surprising!

The first thing I noticed was an emotional shift. I didn’t cut anything out at all. I simply added more nutrients and raw fruits and vegetables. For the first two or three days, I was feeling this kind of rage that I haven’t experienced in a long time. It was like the worst PMT of my life. I also suffered some blinding headaches. I must stress again that I cut nothing out. I don’t drink any caffeinated drinks anyway, so that made no difference. I only added to my diet. FYI, I usually eat between 2-7 portions a day. Most days it’s on the lower end of the scale, but there are days when it’s higher.

10 a day fruit and vegetables

The next thing I noticed was around day four or five. My eczema, which has been well under control for the last five years, returned with fury. You could say this was a total coincidence, but it went away again when I went back to a normal diet and hasn’t returned.

Around day seven, my physiotherapist remarked that I looked like I had lost weight. My husband made a similar comment. I was delighted. So, I weighed myself but to my absolute horror, I had gained three pounds (which I am still trying to lose again). I measured myself with a tape measure and found that my waistline had decreased by around an inch, yet my weight had gone up. I can’t explain that one.

5 a day orange juice 10 a day fruits vegetables

By the end of the second week, I had death breath, terrible indigestion and was very irritable. I couldn’t sleep for a full night. My sciatica was causing me more and more problems and I was suffering from terrible leg cramps. My depression was worsening and I was tearful. In fact, every time I drank a green smoothie (two handfuls of spinach, a whole peach, half a can of mandarins and three tablespoons of fat free natural Greek yogurt) I felt very nauseous. Could there be such a thing as too much nutrition?

I returned my diet to normal early. I couldn’t last the whole month. I did find myself naturally turning away from refined sugars when I was on the challenge and eating less chocolate but I didn’t feel healthier in any way. In fact, I felt pretty grouchy. And the death breath was just gross. I’d like to know if I had continued would these mood swings have gone away but when it was affecting my emotional health in such a way, I didn’t really want to take the risk of finding out.

soup vegetables 10 a day

So, my conclusion after this experience is that yes, there is such a thing as too much nutrition. Everybody’s body is different. Those who say you should up your fruit and vegetable intake and cut out refined sugar are not living in your body. They don’t have your metabolism. They have a different lifestyle and motivation and I believe moderation in everything is the healthiest way to live. I know this is a controversial viewpoint as many people who read this post will be devoted to a healthy lifestyle and it’s quite trendy these days to shun sugar in favour of raw foods. But here’s the thing. The most toxic thing for your health isn’t sugar, it’s sadness. And if eating all that fruit and veg is going to make me feel sad, I’d really rather not. What are your own thoughts on this?

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