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Letting Off Steam

Last night was date night.  It’s the first date night we’ve had for a while when we actually went somewhere and did something.  Recently, we’ve been using our alone time to have dinner in our conservatory (sarcastically nicknamed, The East Wing when we moved into this tiny house) or to sleep. And when I say sleep, I actually mean sleep. It’s not code for nookie.
The plan was to go ice-skating in George Square and get all festive.  Y’know, mince pies, hot drinks, falling on our arses and walking around for the rest of the night with a frosty backside.  Then it rained. So I suggested we go to the cinema to see Arthur Christmas.  I attempted seeing it at the Newbies showing at the local cinema recently and Luke wasn’t impressed – so unimpressed in fact, that I had to leave.  Bear in mind that this was a showing made especially for screaming babies.  He was THAT cheesed off.

Alex reluctantly agreed to go.  He wasn’t in the mood for a kids’ film, but he went along with my idea because he’s sweet like that. My original plan was to blog a review of the film.  No point really.  I’m not a very good reviewer.  It’s a cartoon, it’s about Santa’s family, it’s funny.  That’s my limit.

What really amused me about my night out were the other people in the cinema.  The first thing that was shown was a trailer for Ice Age 4.  The two biggest kids in the cinema LOUDLY whispered, “I soooo want to see that!”  They were shot daggers by a snooty looking woman at the other side of the cinema, firstly for that announcement, and secondly for laughing at a comment Sid the Sloth made at the end of the trailer. In case you hadn’t guessed, Alex and I were the biggest kids in the cinema.

Every time we laughed after that, snooty biatch would turn around and give us a dirty look.  Unfortunate, since we were there seeing a comedy and we were sitting in front of Paisley’s answer to Wallace from Wallace and Gromit, who gave a rather amusing running commentary on the whole film.  And the more we tried not to laugh at “Wallace” the funnier it became. Which brings me to this question….why do people go see a comedy, then get annoyed when other patrons laugh at the film?  I just don’t get it.

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