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The Tangled Web – The Movie

I pinched the idea for this blog from the wonderful Michelle Betham.  Thanks to her for posting the blog which talked about your dream cast for the movie of one of your novels.  It inspired me to do the same!
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I have to admit, while I was writing The Tangled Web, I used to visualise the characters as actors in a movie of the story I was writing.  I think lots of writers do the same.  So, imagine some big Hollywood producer with an insane budget and plenty of contacts in the business came to my doorstep and offered to make The Tangled Web – The Movie.  Obviously I’d accept his offer – on the condition that the movie stays in Scotland.  I wouldn’t sell out like Cecilia Ahern did with P.S. I Love You.  Which actors and actresses would I recruit for my cast?  You might be surprised…
  • VICKY – Drew Barrymore, but only if she could do a Scottish accent!
  • FLIC – This one is an easy choice.  Australian actress, Esther Anderson, is perfect to play Flic.  Although the idea of her talking in a West Country accent cracks me up.  Honestly, I’m laughing as I type this out.
  • LUMI/DIANA – Another easy choice.  And another Aussie.  Holly Valance would make a perfect Lumi.
  • SCARLETT – She could really be played by anyone.  There’s no mention of Scarlett’s age or appearance in the novel.  When I was writing the book, I had someone I know in mind.  Obviously I couldn’t name her.  I’d get sued.  And the character wasn’t exactly flattering.  So who does this person look like from the acting world?  Possibly Jennifer Aniston.
  • PAMELA – Again, I had someone from my real life in mind when I was visualising Pamela.  The famous person she most looks like is Jesy Nelson from Little Mix.
  • ADAM – Tall, blond, muscular etc.  At times, I pictured Alexander Skarsgard, but he’s a bit too mean and moody for Adam.
  • MAGNUS – No question who would play him.  It’s got to be Robbie Savage.
  • CHRISTOS – Cypriot singer Konstantinos Xristoforou (Cypriot entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1996, 2002 and 2005) would be my first choice.  I’ve been a fan of his since my teenage years, although I admit, he’s better with the sound down.
  • GEORGE – In flashbacks to their younger days, I’d have Frankie Cocozza as George, but in the present day, possibly Charley Boorman, but less pleasant.  If Charley could be vile, I’d give him the role.
  • PETER – He may be a minor character, but he was vital to the plot.  Peter would be played by someone like Rivers Cuomo.  No reason.  I just think it would be cool to have Rivers Cuomo in my movie.
Did you have other ideas?  Who would you have play the characters?  Comment below if you think I’m heading in the wrong direction!


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