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Christmas Is Coming!

I’m now officially on holiday from work.  My husband’s finished work until 5th January, the cleaning is done, all the shopping is bought, the presents are wrapped, the cards are sent and all I have to do now is sit and wait for Christmas to arrive.
So why doesn’t it feel like Christmas?
Maybe because the world is full of Scrooges.  Nobody sends Christmas cards any more.  Of all the cards I sent, I got about half returned.  That’s not right.  It’s bad manners, apart from anything else.  I always return cards, even if I’m not keen on the person I received a card from.  I think Blink 182 put it best when they said, “It’s time to be nice to the people you can’t stand.”
But anyway, I am not a Scrooge.  I will celebrate because despite everything I’ve been through in my life, and the fact that a lot of the awful stuff happened at Christmas time, it hasn’t put me off celebrating.  I still love this time of year.  That will never change.  I’m a sucker for decorated trees, glittery cards, festive music…I love it all!
And I will also celebrate the idea that a character created by Charles Dickens all those years ago became so famous that everybody knows what I’m talking about when I say the world is full of Scrooges.  And I will wish that maybe one day, one of MY characters will be one-tenth as famous as Ebeneezer Scrooge.
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  • mick davidson

    You posted this at 19:58, the very year I was born. 🙂
    I'm not a fan of Christmas but I've had a few good ones over the year. I'm also happy that other people are happy, and not at work.
    I hope all your heroes and villains, and all of mine, get at least 10%. We could then devote our lives to nothing but writing, and travelling and… Happy Christmas. 🙂

  • Gruntelfluk

    Beaker had the right idea when he gave Scrooge the finger! Yep .. it's nice to be nice, even though it's bloody hard to be nice to some folk these days .. well said though, Lacey!

  • L K Jay

    This is a great post, and you are so right about being nice to people, especially those who can be troublesome during the rest of the year. I sent out my Christmas texts on Chrimbo morning to my friends as usual, some returned and some didn't, one told me to shove it as he was at work and was feeling bitter. I just returned by saying I sympathised and I would save him some biscuits, I gave Scrooge the finger too! Kill 'em with kindness I say!

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