Number One!!!!! (For a couple of hours)

Last night I couldn’t sleep.  So, I got up, got a drink and sat down to look at my book’s stats for the umpteenth time since last Monday. I’m glad I did because I was number one in the Amazon UK free download chart!
It’s amazing, and obviously I feel really happy, but it doesn’t really feel like it’s happening.  I had so many doubts about this book, spent so much time on it and nobody believed it was actually being written because I took so long over it… and now it’s all paid off. Not literally, it’s a free download. But you’d think I’d be over the moon and want to celebrate.  But all I want to do is sleep.  I’m not in a glitzy glamorous world where I can drink champagne and enjoy my success.  I’m sitting in my PJs watching the Australian Open final, listening to my son play with his new toy, Jumbo Le Jet, a plane which speaks in French in the most annoying voice you’ve ever heard.  My life has not changed one bit.
Sadly, the Amazon chart resets on a Sunday morning and I’m number 500-odd now, so I can’t show my friends and family my chart position live.  Luckily I took a screen shot!
lacey dearie amazon uk free download number one the tangled web

It’s now back up to full price, so lets see where we go from here.


2 thoughts on “Number One!!!!! (For a couple of hours)

  1. Tucker says:

    I'm really chuffed for you and really glad I kept encouraging you to finish the book. I always had the belief that you would do well with it.

    Don't Stop Believing!


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