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Why Twitter Friends Are Special – A Blog By Twitter’s Smacula

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Smacula!
So when Lacey asked me to write a post for her blog, I thought I’d write about Twitter friendships. Since I only moved to the country six years ago, and to Oxford two years ago, Twitter has played a big part in me making friends, not just in the city and the country, but all over the world. It is also interesting and close to me because I often have to face the question of how I have never met most of the people, how I don’t even know if they are real people or not. Yet I have taken the leap of faith a few times, even travelled a few hundred miles to meet these people.
See in some ways I have always been more myself on Twitter than anywhere else. Not to mention the fact that there is a certain joy in giving away your secrets to complete strangers. In a weird and wonderful way, Twitter is our very own personal therapist, and our Twitter friends are our true friends, who see us fall down, have a laugh at our expense, then dust us and help us get back on our feet again.
I have been there myself, I have been helped, and hopefully few people would say that I have helped them too.
So why are Twitter friendships weirder than any other online or medium based friendships? As someone who has made really good friends through blogging, Facebook and even dating websites, I can only come up with a few. Is it the 140 character limit? Is it the fact that we hide behind self appointed nicknames or handles, or avatars? Is it because there are so many well known fake accounts? Or is it simply because Twitter is just too easy?
I can only assume that it is one of the above. However, the massive number of tweetups that happen all over the world goes to show that the trend is changing, or perhaps people who tweet are just forming an exclusive club of their own.
I am not qualified nor brave enough to draw any conclusions about the above. What I do know is that I have made some great friends through Twitter, Lacey obviously being one.
PS, there was also a chance that I’d cover Space Oddity by Bowie, or the subject of bloggers community that survives and the thrives on the Internet. As it turns out, I stuck to the actual topic I had decided on, but am sure that they will appear on my blog soon. Thanks for reading and would love to hear from all of you.
You can find Smacula on his blog, OxGadgets or on his Twitter account


  • Lacey Dearie

    Thank you for writing this guest post! I agree that Twitter friends are special, and I have met some amazing people on Twitter. You were probably one of my first Twitter friends and I remember one of the first replies you sent to me was about a bullfight I was going to – you told me to wear a flowing red cape! LOL Some tweets people send you, because they are one-liners, just stick in your mind and to me, that's what makes you all special.

  • L K Jay

    This is an interesting post – Twitter has amazed my by the fact that I have met some really great people and would miss them if I wasn't in touch with them now. I've also experienced some serious loyalty from them regarding my writing, much more support than I've received from people in real life! I would say that I now log onto Twitter first before Facebook now.

  • Tucker

    Twitter was partly my therapist too for a time last year. It was a place for me to rant my frustrations about things affecting me. I made some good friends there, Smacula being one of them. Those friends all helped in different ways as I got through my problems. I'm glad to say that he is still one of my friends

  • Sami Mughal

    @Lacey, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity, and yeah, I have absolutely no memory of saying that, but it kinda sounds like something I would say, so I will take full credit for it! 🙂 But yeah,you are right, some things do stick more than others!
    PS, you owe me a guest post too now! 🙂

    @LK Hi! Yeah, that is what I love about it, you get loyalty from random strangers, who end up being your friends and so much more. If I wasn't living in a different country to the people I grew up with, I would not use Facebook!

    @Tucker I am glad too! Twitter therapy is the best 🙂

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