Chick-lit Fairytale Cherry Lips by Lacey Dearie

cherry lips chick-lit fairy tale

Here at RockPaperSpirit we like to write. I mean, we really, really like to write. So today we’re featuring Cherry Lips, the second novel by our editor Lacey Dearie. It’s a fun, whimsical original fairy tale that is now two years old but since it’s set in an ambiguous time, it never dates!

The story follows the life of Cerise, an apprentice herbalist whose father is a wannabe warlock and fairy godmother is a madame. Cerise has a closely guarded secret. The cherry lip-stain she manufactures and sells to the richest and most powerful women in the land is a potent aphrodisiac that makes the wearer irresistible. Of course, with such power comes responsibility, something Cerise did not consider while testing the lip-stain on the local men.

Soon, word of the magical make-up reaches the childless Queen Merewald, and she becomes determined to uncover the secrets of the lip-stain herself and use them to seduce her ageing, impotent husband, King Palen. Her best chance is to send her feline brother-in-law, Blaxton, to befriend Cerise and spy on her. What the Queen didn’t count on was her nephew falling for Cerise without the use of magic or her niece using their jester as bait to uncover the secrets before she did.

You can buy Cherry Lips in the following stores:

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