AmaElla Lingerie: Underwear That Looks Good, Feels Good and Does Good

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If you are anything like us, you love pretty lingerie but find it difficult to source beautiful items without compromising on issues that are important to you, like wearing only organic cotton or purchasing only garments made by workers who are fairly compensated for their hard work. The integrity of brands is important to us and that’s why we decided to feature AmaElla Ethical Lingerie as the first lingerie brand on our blog.

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The company was founded by two friends, Julie and Lara, who used crowdfunding website Kickstarter to launch their brand. Their vision was simple. They wanted to create elegant, sexy underwear that women would love but without the guilt. All their pieces are made in the UK and Portugal by workers who are well paid and whose working conditions are closely monitored to ensure fair treatment.

amaella lingerie

Also, their UK partner trains young women who want to have a future in the fashion industry and helps them to develop their skills.

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The fashion business is one of the most polluting industries on the planet and cotton is a crop that is highly dependent on chemicals so AmaElla use GOTS certified organic cotton, making all their items free from toxic chemicals. GOTS certified organic cotton also replenishes soil fertility. Only water-based inks are used during printing, reducing the risks of skin irritation and allergies – something that we’re always concerned about here at Rock Paper Spirit.

amaella lingerie organic cotton

We haven’t worn any of their lingerie (yet) so can only comment on what we see on the website and we really like it! The designs are beautiful and elegant. They are sexy and stylish and you can imagine your confidence raising a little by wearing something so pretty. The bras come in underwired or triangle style, the briefs have two styles (one with a keyhole in the front and back) and there is a negligee and pyjamas in their nightwear range.

amaella nightwear organic cotton

Our opinion is that we need more of this brand. And that will come, in time, because these ladies are just getting started. You can read more about them and check out their collection on their website.


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    Wow, definitely checking them out!!

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