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Meet The Author: Kris Holt

Today we are welcoming an author from England’s city of literature, Norwich, named Kris Holt. Here at Rock Paper Spirit we have been a fan of Kris for a while so we are delighted to be able to feature his book, What Comes From The Earth.

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Kris is already an accomplished and award winning author. In October 2014 his short story, Crowning Glory, was the winner of the International Writing Award at the SMHAFF festival. In 2016, he was shortlisted for the Escalator Fiction Prize. Last year he also released the book we are featuring today, What Comes From The Earth, a thriller set in contemporary South Africa. He has big plans for this year. He is preparing a sci-fi novella called This Burning Man set in post-nuclear Arizona.

Blurb for What Comes From The Earth:

Everybody has a problem with Sithembile ‘Sithi’ Nzeogwu. The mining companies are strongly anti-union, the miners are threatening a breakaway and in modern day South Africa, every politician has an angle. If life wasn’t hard enough as a union fieldworker in the platinum townships, his every move upsets his older brother – captain of the local police and his chief tormentor throughout childhood.
Sithi is learning quickly that you can’t keep all of the people happy all of the time, and when a corrupt government agitator arrives in town with weapons in crates and mercenaries in tow, the antes rise still further. Sithi will learn about loyalty to his members, his family and the country that he loves – but he’ll need to grow and be strong if he’s going to survive the lesson. ‘What Comes From The Earth’ is a taut political thriller that will appeal to fans of ‘The Last King of Scotland’ and ‘The Constant Gardener’.
You can buy What Comes From The Earth here:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
If you’re interested in reading more about Kris Holt, you can read more up to date information on his blog and if you’re an author who would like to feature on this blog, please get in touch and we can chat!

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