My Week In Freelancing – 03/07/17 – 09/07/17

Here’s a round-up of the work that I’ve contributed this week to other sites. For the foreseeable future this will mostly be OxGadgets as I’ve scaled back the amount of freelance work I am undertaking over the school summer break. After school starts again, I’ll be doing more work for other sites. There are some really interesting articles here and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them.

Can A Mobile Phone Work Without a Battery? A short piece about a prototype being developed at the University of Washington that allows calls to be made without a charged battery

Surf Air Bring All-You-Can-Fly Air Travel to Europe One for the frequent flyers! It sounds like a great subscription service and it’s much cheaper than I had anticipated

Could The Williams F1’s Babypod 20 Save Lives? This is an interesting one discussing a baby transportation device developed by the Williams F1 team

Macate’s Genio Offers Geo-Locater Encryption This will appeal to anyone who prioritises security as it’s about a new smartphone that changes the level of security depending on where in the world you are

Alibaba Unveil Mandarin Only Smart Speaker The Tmall Genie This is a short piece about a new smart speaker that’s sure to be huge in China



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