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Review: Patisserie de Bain Caramel Whip Handcream

As a sufferer of eczema, I have a special interest in hand creams. During the winter months it’s practically impossible for me to wear my wedding ring for too long since the longer I wear it, the more likely I am to get soap under it or to sweat inside gloves and that means red, cracked, tender skin that can sometimes get so damaged that it bleeds. As I’ve gotten older I’ve found that my skin is now generally drier and the backs of my hands look about sixty years old. My hand cream of choice as a young ‘un was Neutrogena’s Norwegian formula but in recent times, I’ve found I just don’t like the texture. I want something that smells good, feels silky smooth and does the job. That’s why I was delighted to discover Patisserie de Bain.

patisserie de bain hand cream review

I tried their Caramel Whip hand cream, which was part of one of my Pink Parcels back in the spring. My first stop is always the ingredients list to ensure there are no nut oils involved. It passed that first test. The only nut oil was Shea Butter which I can tolerate well. Those who don’t make their own cosmetics might be a tad concerned about the names of the ingredients like Isopropyl Myristate. It doesn’t sound like something you’d want on your skin but it’s perfectly safe and one of the ingredients I used as a base for my home-made perfumes.

patisserie de bain hand cream review

The cream itself is heavily scented and long-lasting. The effects on my skin were instant. I tried it on the back of one hand only to compare and it was like someone had taken years off my skin. Be aware though, this is so sweet that it might be too much for some to tolerate. I, however, being a huge fan of caramel scents, absolutely loved it! I went on to use their Lemon Bon Bon hand cream too. Their hand cream products are available to purchase on their website for £3.99 or you can check them out on Amazon where there’s a trio for £12.99. The caramel whip hand cream is available on the Dennis Williams website for £1.99 which is the cheapest price I’ve found so far.

patisserie de bain hand cream review

Patisserie de Bain linked to the Rose & Co. brand, kind of like it’s quirkly little sister. Drawing inspiration from French patisseries and old fashioned sweets, the brand is unique and colourful. One of the unique selling points of this brand is their packaging which is gorgeous. It’s already won Best Packaging of the Year at the Beauty Magazine Awards for three consecutive years, and has a retro design that really catches the eye. The range is has handmade bath fancies and tartlettes as well as hand creams, shower crèmes and body lotions.

patisserie de bain hand cream review

What are your favourite hand creams?


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