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Flawless Eco-Friendly Vegan Makeup Accessories

It’s time to feature another small business and this is another one I stumbled across in my latest Pink Parcel. Flawless are an eco-friendly, vegan make-up accessories brand who have an online store. All their products are cruelty-free and approved by PETA using ethical materials and never from cruelly farmed animals. They provide mostly make-up brushes and glitter pots and I tried out the single blusher brush.

flawless makeup brush vegan friendly review

The brush has a polished wooden handle, comes in a single pack and is crafted using synthetic fibres. My first impressions were that the wooden handle was polished to perfection and you could still smell the varnish – but that wasn’t unpleasant and you know it’s high-quality. My other impression was that this was a brush that I wanted to keep on display because it is so beautifully made. The bristles are dark with white tips and the handle is a rich brown with the brand name carved on it.

flawless makeup brush vegan friendly review

The first test was using it on my bare skin with no product, to test the softness of the bristles. Oh. My. Days. It was like pure luxury. Then I tried it with some powdered blush and I found that it gave good coverage, and didn’t clump the powder together like some brushes tend to (I’m looking at you, Elizabeth Arden). Overall, I really liked this brush and would highly recommend.

flawless makeup brush vegan friendly review

As an aside, this could also have another use. My son likes using this as a sensory toy. He liked the feel of the soft bristles on his face and it’s very soothing for him when he’s upset. I’ve even used it to lull him to sleep. Ok, so that’s not the intended purpose but I’ve never seen him do this with any other brush and it says a lot about the texture.

flawless makeup brush vegan friendly review

There is free UK shipping on all orders with no minimum spend. The single blusher brush is priced at £9.99 and is worth every penny. It would make a fantastic stocking filler. You can check out this and the other items on the company’s online shop.

flawless makeup brush vegan friendly review



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