RockPaperSpirit Best Book Cover of 2017 Contest

It’s time to announce the RockPaperSpirit contest for Best Book Cover of 2017. Here at RockPaperSpirit you will find a lot of posts showing love to indie authors and I wanted to find a way to give something back the indie community. I also wanted to do something to help my local food bank. So, I am combining those two missions. Read on to find out more, although I will point out now that this contest is run by me, with no direct connections to a charity.

Best Indie Book Cover of 2017

In this contest there will be a first, second and third place. Then, there will be a short-list of a further ten covers. The prizes are as follows:


A small engraved trophy for the artist and £30 Amazon gift certificate for the artist, a small engraved quaich for the author and 50 promotional tweets throughout 2018 on my Twitter account (which at time of writing has 26.9K followers). You’ll be featured on this site as the winner and any subsequent releases will automatically be featured too.


A small trophy for the artist and a £20 Amazon gift certificate for the author. You’ll also get 25 promotional tweets throughout 2018 on my personal Twitter account. You’ll be featured on the site as first runner-up and any subsequent releases will be featured too.


No trophy, but the artist and author each get a £10 Amazon gift certificate and the book receives 10 promotional tweets throughout 2018 on my personal Twitter account. You’ll be featured on the site as second runner-up.


If you make the short list, of which there will be 10 book covers, you’ll be featured on the site and receive promotion.

All other entrants will have their books mentioned and covers displayed in a special post in December. So everyone who enters gets some kind of benefit.

To enter the contest, simply email the book cover, links to where the book can be purchased and the author’s and artist’s names email addresses to It is requested that each entrant pays £5 to enter which can be forwarded by PayPal. This is my preferred method as it is easy to keep track of and it’s easy to refund entries in the event that you withdraw for any reason. This entry fee covers the cost of the prizes and any residue will be split 50/50 with one half donated to an autism charity and the other half used to purchase dried foods which will be donated to my local food bank in time for Christmas. I’ll even Periscope it to prove I’ve done it!


Anyone can enter this contest, so long as you have an independently published book that’s been published between 1st December 2016 and 30th November 2017. By independent I mean that your book is all your own work and you published it yourself. It doesn’t have to be successful or even sell any copies, so long as it is available to buy. Those who are signed to a small press publisher will not be considered for this contest. The contest closes at midnight on 30th November 2017 UK time and the winner will be announced on 6th December 2017. There are no geographical restrictions on who can enter. If you are both author and artist, that’s fine too. You’ll get both prizes. The contest will be judged by a panel of creative industries professionals, ie Lacey Dearie (author), Michael McGee (graphic designer), L K Jay (author), Ronnie McGhie (broadcaster/actor), Ryan McBride (musician) and Simon Turner (animator). Duplicate entries are not allowed in that you cannot enter the same cover twice but can enter multiple covers by the same author. If you enter your own book then someone else enters your book, I will refund the artist’s entry first then the author’s entry. If yet another person enters your book, the latest entry will be refunded. You can enter a cover that is not yours by nominating a cover you really like but if the cover wins, the author and artist receive the prize, not the entrant. In the event that you win a prize, you will be emailed before it is announced to the public. In the event that I, as site owner am ill or unable to announce the winner due to technical issues, I will endeavour to have one of the panel contact you by email. In the event that we receive less than thirteen entries, the monetary prizes will be donated by RockPaperSpirit’s editor but no charity donation can be made. The non-monetary prizes will remain the same.

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