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Figs & Rouge Hero Cream Review

I love discovering new brands and one of the beauty subscription services I am signed up for sent me a tin of Figs & Rouge Hero Cream. Figs & Rouge are a brand who aim to “combine cutting edge formulations with bio-active technologies” and the desired result is a more luminous complexion. Their products contain glycosides, proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which all sounds really healthy, but does it work?

figs rouge hero cream review

Firstly, the packaging is really funky and fun. The creams come in screw-top tins that are study and lightweight and slip easily into your handbag for hydration on the go. They have limited edition designs which are colourful and fun. I have Aurora from the Mythic collection. I should also state now that since it was an item I received in a subscription box, I didn’t purchase it but I received no incentive to write this review either.

figs rouge hero cream review

The ingredients list is always the first place I head to because I have so many allergies. A natural recipe is important, but I also look for products without nut oils, or with nut oils I can tolerate. The Hero Cream is basically a really nutrient-heavy moisturiser containing vitamins A, C & E, hyaluronic acid, sesame seed and avocado oils and aloe, cucumber, carrot seed and cucumber fruit extract. It’s like a salad for your skin. I’m not sure if that sounds refreshing or weird but we’ll go with refreshing!

figs rouge hero cream review

The first test was to apply it to my inner arm, since I always do a little allergy test with every product before using it on my face. Luckily, the Hero Cream is recommended for both face and body so it’s a multi-tasker. I saw on the website that it has a 3 in 1 formulation that is designed to moisturise, repair and support the skin’s extra cellular matrix, which in layman’s terms (because we’re not all scientists and I don’t pretend to be one) is a type of secretion that supports the skin around it and is all about cell renewal.

figs rouge hero cream review

It is lightly scented and despite being packed with fruits, it smells quite floral. That wasn’t something I was expecting. It’s nice, but I think if I could request one change to this cream, it would be to make it fruit-scented or perfume-free. It doesn’t seem to be a good fit for the ingredients list or the fresh feel.

figs rouge hero cream review

After using this for a short time, I did notice my skin was noticeably softer. What I really liked was the refreshing, cooling hit that I got immediately after application. This makes it feel like a summery product and something that I would probably love to take on beach holidays. I’m not sure how effective it would be as an after-sun moisturiser. Our weather here hasn’t been summery enough to test that function but I think it’s probably something I would use. It might also be handy in winter to prevent skin from drying out in the icy winter winds. My usual day cream doesn’t do an adequate job in colder weather so I may switch to this come November!

You can view the Figs & Rouge website by clicking here and you can purchase the cream on Feel Youique.



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