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The Listening Post by L K Jay

It’s time to feature a book from a RockPaperSpirit regular contributor and today we’re looking at The Listening Post by L K Jay. I read this book back in 2012 while on holiday and although I’m not a fan of ghost stories, I decided that since it was written by a friend and fellow indie author this was the perfect time to step out of my comfort zone. I’m always apprehensive of reviewing books from unfamiliar genres because I have little to compare them with but let’s look at it as just a book, rather than pigeon-holing it.

l k jay the listening post

I have to say I genuinely enjoyed this book and recommended it to my husband, who was a voracious reader of ghost stories in his formative years. It had me really creeped out, so much so that when I was trying to get to sleep afterwards I had this scene from the book in my head and couldn’t drift off, so had to get back up and take my mind off it. I’m told that’s the mark of a well-written ghost tale. For those wondering, this is the scene where Susan’s ghost appeared to Walter in the dream and her eyes sprang open and she shouted, “Bang,” just as the bombers flew over the lighthouse. Watch out for it!

l k jay agony aunt

This book is one that got under my skin and the ending wasn’t predictable. I have to say, I didn’t see what was coming and the explanation about who the ghosts were and why they were coming was really well planned.

I read the first edition of this book. It’s now in it’s second edition and has been edited by Olivia Wood. I gave this book five stars in my Amazon review and would definitely recommend this. You can purchase it on the links below. It’s available in e-book format and paperback.

Amazon US $1.50

Amazon UK £1.15


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