On The Bed With Lacey – An Interview With My Husband!

Due to a family bereavement, a to-do list bottleneck, an e-book launch and an audio book that’s been sitting for far too long, I have decided to do a Throwback Week on RockPaperSpirit. I first started blogging in 2005 and I’ve moved from one platform to another as the years passed, each time leaving behind a wealth of material that should never have been cast aside. So, this week I want to re-publish some old material from previous sites, which gives me a little breathing space and hopefully is entertaining for readers, old and new alike. Today’s blog is from September 2012 when I interviewed my husband, Alex. Read on to see what happened…

Here we are again, another interview.  This time I’ve chosen to interview my husband, Alex.  It’s not easy living with an author.  I will be the first to admit that.  But here, Alex is going to dish the dirt on the highs, the lows, and the downright crazy times he’s had being my husband.  So I decided to catch him unawares and ask some rather pertinent questions.

Good evening Alex 🙂 *bounces onto the bed*

Good evening, Lacey.  You’re looking gorgeous, as always.

lacey dearie husband

This was us at a festival last year, with Alex doing the duck face. Always the joker!

I would like to point out, I don’t have a gun to his head right now. He says these things without prompting.  Lets get started with the questions.  Can you sum up, in one sentence, what it’s like being married to an independent author?


Two then?  Or more?

I’ll try.  Well, it’s always interesting.  There’s always something happening, whether it be with the latest book being written, or the previous book which is being publicised or being reviewed, or sales being checked.

*Lacey laughs*

There’s always something going on when you’re married to an independent author.  Also, being dragged off to exotic locations for research purposes is fun!

Exotic locations?  Like Inverness?

Yes, I loved that.  Particularly the way they have their meals in the dark up there.  Also, Cyprus.  Which is a tad more exotic and romantic than Inverness.

Living with me means you know the inside story about why things were written into my books.  Is it weird or do you enjoy it, like you’re one of the few who know the secret handshake?

It certainly gives you a different view to some of the events in the books from other readers who are unaware of the background of the story.  And the characters. 

Our wedding day in 2005


How did you feel when I said I was going to write another book?

At first I thought, oh God, not again.  But I obviously realise how important your writing is to you, so I’m looking forward to the next research trip 😉

How does it feel knowing that your wife is living a double life?  And how would you feel if your family found out?

It’s sometimes a bit strange.  I have to ask if that was Lacey or my wife who said that, or spoke to that person.  So it keeps me on my toes.  I would be extremely proud and would gladly share the news of my wife’s success as an indie author.

How do you feel knowing that your wife’s told the whole world she was a sex toy tester?

Once again, I can only say how proud I am of my wife’s achievements…

*laughs again*  I bet you are.  OK, this is off topic, but I ask everyone this.  What’s your favourite biscuit?

It has to be a milk chocolate digestive.

Dunked in warm tea?

Oh no, for that it would be a tea biscuit.

I’m a penguin/caramel wafer kinda girl, but you knew that already. 

Yes, by the packet.  I know.

Moving on.  You know I’m not just a novelist.  I’m also a keen blogger, and have been for years.  I’ve blogged almost every concert we’ve attended, holiday we’ve taken, sex toy embarrassment we’ve had and numerous random incidents.  What’s your favourite blog that’s been written by your wife?

Probably “Alastair,” which was very funny.  And so true.

I liked that one too.  Do you ever scratch your head at some of the things I’ve blogged and wonder why I decided to share that?

No, I can’t say I’ve ever scratched my head.  I know how random you can be, and it doesn’t surprise me when you share this with the world.

On our honeymoon in Venice

Ok Alex.  Now’s your chance to get your own back.  Anything you want to divulge about me?  I will not edit this.   You have my word.

You check into places on Foursquare you’ve never been to. 


Your first toe is shorter than your big toe, which is weird.  Both I and our son have a first toe longer than our big toe. 


I can’t really think of any dirt to dish.  You’re addicted to chocolate?

This is not news to anyone.  Thank God you didn’t mention the Justin Bieber thing… Next question.  What do you think when I get random people on Twitter flirting with me?

*laughs*  Well, it’s a bit disconcerting sometimes.  But it’s no surprise to me.

Awww.  Again, I do not have a gun to his head.  And I’m not bribing him to say this stuff.  Quick fire round.  Pick one.  Baked or The Tangled Web?


tangled web lacey dearie

The cover of my first e-book, The Tangled Web

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Star Wars.

Twitter or Facebook?


And if you were a Muppet, which one would you be?


What’s the down side to being married to a writer?

The down side is the amount of your time it takes up.  And having to support you through bad reviews and when you struggle with the writing process.  It’s hard to watch because there’s nothing I can really do to help, especially when I’ve seen the amount of work you put in to writing.  It’s hard to see someone rubbish it in a few words. 

It’s the worst part of the job.  But in for a penny, in for a pound, eh?

Yes, and to be honest I think you cope with it really well.

What did you honestly think of my books?

I honestly enjoyed both of them, even though The Tangled Web isn’t quite my…thing.  They were both funny.  The Tangled Web keeps you hanging on at the end of every chapter and you just want to keep on reading.  Adam was my favourite character.  I didn’t like Scarlett.  Baked! is hilarious and cute and since I know the origins it’s just quite close to my heart.

Last question, then I’ll let you go to sleep.  What advice would you give other spouses of independent authors and/or bloggers?

Have patience and give them all the support you can.  And who says I’m going to sleep?

Oooh!  Thanks for answering my questions.  Think I’ll turn the laptop and the light off now… 😉



  1. July 27, 2017 / 10:06 am

    Very charming indeed,Lacey….if you ever need a cheetah in one of your mysteries,Paladin says you can always use him….

    • Lacey Dearie
      July 27, 2017 / 10:16 am

      Thank you! I will keep that in mind 😉

  2. Bill
    July 27, 2017 / 5:31 pm


  3. Janie Dills
    June 2, 2018 / 2:38 pm

    Handsome husband, beautiful wedding pic! Sex toy tester eh? Interesting. I’m glad you have tried your hand @many things, most especially indie writing since I’ve so enjoyed your endeavors into that realm. Experience is the best teacher, don’t you think? You are very fortunate to have such a supportive husband who obviously loves you.

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