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Hairon Zero Crease Hair Ties

I’ve been meaning to write about these for a while and never got round to it but today is the day! In a recent Pink Parcel I received a box of Hairon Zero Crease Hair Ties. They are plastic spirals formed into a loop and the concept is that because of their shape, when you use these to bind your hair into a ponytail, they won’t leave that tell-tale crease at the end of the day.

hairon hair ties no crease review

In the box I received there were three ties and all were pink. This was fine because I love pink things but they also come in a variety of colours like yellow, red, blue, magenta and there’s even a clear variety. There’s a colour to suit everyone.

hairon hair ties no crease review

I used one on a ponytail before heading for a shower. My hair is long but it’s super fine and I found that I had to wrap it around the ponytail three or four times to keep it in place, which is pretty much what I would need to do with an elastic bobble. It didn’t leave a crease when I took it out but it was tricky to untangle. It didn’t snag but it was laborious because I’d had to wind it round so many times.

hairon hair ties no crease review

My overall view on these hair ties is that the concept is good and they will be really useful for people with normal volume or thick hair. For me personally, because my hair is so fine, they did work but probably not as well as they would for someone with thicker hair.

hairon hair ties no crease review

They cost £3.99 per box of 3 and they are extremely durable. Trust me on this. My six-year-old son started playing with them because he liked the springiness and he had lost his fidget spinner so it took a real endurance test – and passed! You can read more about these and view the range of colours at the Hairon online shop.



  • Brindy Wilcox

    My initial reaction was how my hair would get trapped in the coils… if I still had long hair, I had it all cut off a couple of years ago. I have fine hair and you are experiencing the same issues I used to. Still, a spur if the moment decision following a marital split and it was all gone.
    They look good though,

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