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Leger's Journey by Lacey Dearie

Tueday 25th July 2017 was launch day for the latest in my feline detective series, The Leger Cat Sleuth Mysteries. This is book number 25 in the series (yes, I’m exhausted) and it’s the first addition to the collection since November last year. I’ve now come to the conclusion that there’s no such thing as “writer’s block.” It’s just an excuse for not getting my work done.

So, I’ve gotten over the distractions and dedicated a little bit of time each day to writing. I ditched everything I had already worked on, since it wasn’t progressing and focused on a new direction.

lacey dearie leger's journey cat sleuth

This story sees Leger, Ginger and Amber set off on a train ride with Annabella and Nicole. However, Leger witnesses a child being snatched just as they board the train to London and he has to devise a plan to get the child back to his mother. But, there may be more to this incident than meets the eye. While Leger is busy putting his detective skills to good use, Annabella and Nicole have followed Leger onto the wrong train to rescue him, leaving Ginger and Amber still on their way to London and Leger, Annabella and Nicole all risk being thrown off the train if they can’t think quickly.

It’s been fun. And I feel like I have my Leger mojo back. I can’t say that the novel is going to be here this year, but I’m working on a new batch of stories which will be coming to an e-store near you very soon. The links to purchase this new story are below.

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Kobo and Createspace links are coming soon.


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