STYLondon Siligel Blender Review

This is another item I received in my Pink Parcel recently. I feel like all I ever do is review Pink Parcel goodies, but that’s because there are so many awesome items included and I get the chance to discover so many great brands I’ve never heard of before. This is a silicon blender and these are one of the hottest beauty trends of recent times. Gone are the days when we would sacrifice two-thirds of a bottle of foundation to the sponge Gods or leave home with slightly beige tinges under our fingernails because we just couldn’t get it all off after application. For those who don’t remember those times, you lucky little things.

siligel blender review

The silicon blender I’m blogging about today is by a brand called STYLondon whose name is clever but a nightmare for a touch-typist to get their fingers around. The idea behind this product is that it gives a natural fingertip style of blending but with minimal product wastage. It is hygienic and can easily be cleaned and dried.

siligel blender review

My first impression was that it felt similar to the silicon pads that go into boost bras, but obviously much smaller and it is a teardrop shape. It comes in a resealable metal and clear plastic pouch so it’s easy to store and won’t get manky in your make-up bag.  The instructions on the back of the pack state that you should use around half of your normal amount of product and then blend. It can also be folded to shape it around your nose the contours of your face etc. When I did this, I still found that I was using too much. The moisturiser I tried to apply was sitting there on top of my skin, barely blending at all. Does this mean that the blender doesn’t work blend or does it mean that I’ve been using way too much product all along? I am inclined to think it’s the latter because on wiping, I could tell that my skin had definitely been moisturised.

siligel blender review

I moved onto a foundation and the same happened again. I was using much less for the same amount of coverage, except with foundation it is much easier to see if you have applied the product than it is with a face cream.

siligel blender review

Overall, I feel like I’ve been cheated for years. I can’t even begin to tell you how angry I am that nobody invented something like this sooner. How much money have we all spent on foundation and face creams that ended up in sponges or being absorbed into our fingers? The only downside to this product is, as you can see in the image below, even with careful washing you can end up with a little groove of clogged up foundation on the blender. Worth double checking after washing for this.

siligel blender review

The STYLondon Siligel Blender is £5.99 on their website and I would highly recommend that you at least try this before you waste any more money on sponges. They come in round or heart shapes and in pink or clear silicone.


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