My Week In Freelancing 24-07-17 to 30-07-17

Thankfully, this week, I have a little more content to share! Doing a throwback week here on RockPaperSpirit with a couple of old posts and reviews gave me a chance to get my new e-book, Leger’s Journey, formatted and published. I’ve got some more OxGadgets work to share too. All in all, it’s been a successful week!

Pros and Cons of an E-Bike This article discusses the benefits of e-bikes and the drawbacks too.

avanti ebike oxgadgets

Siesta S6 DAB+ Radio Alarm Clock Unveiled by Pure This is a gorgeous new radio alarm that has gone onto my wish list!

pure siesta alarm clock oxgadgets

Gogo Lantern Review This isn’t my favourite item but it does have its uses and it’s an interesting one to watch on Indiegogo.

gogo lantern indiegogo oxgadgets

Leger’s Journey This is the 25th Leger novella and sees our feline hero take a train journey, but dash onto another train when he sees a child being snatched. All is not as it seems though and there’s a mysterious man with a scarred eyebrow watching his every move.

lacey dearie leger's journey cat sleuth

Next week there will hopefully be an audio book release as well as some more OxGadgets reviews and some perfume reviews. Have a great week everyone!

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