Review: Body Shop British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask

I love roses and I love masks, although the one I have hanging on my bedroom wall probably wasn’t what the Body Shop had in mind, so I was extremely pleased to find this in the post the other day.  This is part of the ‘Superfood’ range of facemasks and are 100% vegetarian with no parabens, paraffins, silicone or mineral oils.  I did wonder what was actually in the masks but I’m guessing bacon isn’t it.

body shop british rose fresh plumping mask review

I have sensitive skin, which is the beauty product equivalent of a miner’s canary, so I was pleased to see the emittance of the nasty chemicals that often give my skin a tomato hue.  When I opened the sachet, I was surprised it wasn’t a delicate shade of pink cream, rather a brownish clear cream gel.  However, it was easy to apply, didn’t slide off my skin or drip into my eye and smells gorgeous.  While on my skin, I felt a tingle and was worried that my skin was going to react, but when I washed it off, my skin had a pleasing glow that wasn’t covered in wheals, which I considered progress in my world.


I always think the true measure of a facemask is the state of your skin the next morning and I can now confirm that my skin had a definite smoothness and was perfectly clear.  There was a sheen that I hadn’t noticed before and any lines in my chin and forehead were reduced.  For an organic product that was chemical free, I would say that it was effective in making an improvement on my skin whilst also being a pleasing product to use.  It does take a bit of rinsing off, so do this in warm water rather than tepid, but otherwise, this is a lovely product to use in an evening with your feet up with a good book. I was rereading Pride and Prejudice, if anyone is interested.

A recommended buy – 4/5

The British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask if available in tubs of 75ml volume and costs £16.00. You can purchase from any branch of The Body Shop or order it slightly cheaper from your Body Shop At Home representative. Contact your local rep for special offer details.


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