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Meet The Author: Sasha Lane

It’s time for a new Meet The Author post and today I’m welcoming British chick-lit writer, Sasha Lane to RockPaperSpirit. Sasha hails from Barnsley in Yorkshire and works full-time in the finance industry. As you can imagine, the finance industry doesn’t really provide a creative outlet so Sasha uses her spare time to express herself in her chick-lit novels. She uses the books to show how women can find balancing their working life with relationships difficult and of course, helps us to laugh at ourselves. She tries to make her characters relatable so that we fall in love with them. Isn’t that what’s so great about chick-lit? We love the characters who could be our best friends and the fact that we just feel like they could have been written about us?
sasha lane
Sasha currently has a trilogy available to buy, namely Girl, Conflicted followed by Girl, Unhinged and finally Girl, Unconventional. They follow the life of Emma Storey. Read on to find out more about these books. They are all available as both e-book and paperback from Amazon and Waterstones and the physical copies are also available from the Chronicle Bookshop in Barnsley or JR Nicholls in Denby Dale.
Girl, Conflicted
sasha lane girl conflictedEmma Storey is thirty-two trying to balance her love life, friends and work. She has been in a relationship with Chris for two years and is eagerly anticipating his proposal over a romantic meal. But the proposal doesn’t go quite to plan and Emma’s world is flipped upside down. To make matters worse, Emma’s best friend, Sophie, is full of the joys of a new relationship with her new man, Connor.
Weeks later Emma is still feeling sorry for herself, so her two work friends, Jenny and Lola, take her out for an evening of tequila. There she meets a cute guy at the bar, who introduces himself as Johnny. He easily charms a drunken Emma back to his apartment for ‘coffee’ but this proves to have devastating consequences as Johnny turns out to be more than Emma bargained for.
A chance meeting with a handsome stranger makes Emma realise that true love may be possible after all. But she is then left to consider whether to keep her secret or risk losing everything.
Available from Amazon US for $0.99 or Amazon UK for £0.99. The paperback is £7.99.
Girl, Unhinged
sasha lane girl unhinged
Emma is thirty-three and planning her upcoming wedding to the lovely Joe after finally finding her happy ever after. However Emma’s life becomes more stressful as she tries to balance planning the wedding alongside a new college course and her full time job, which is made increasingly challenging by the arrival of a new demanding and obnoxious boss.
Emma struggles as she tries to please everyone: Joe, friends, family, and things reach a critical point causing the collapse of her relationship.
She is then forced to relook at her life, and what she’s lost, while trying to move on with the support of her friends. Things seem to be getting back on track when Emma finds herself the victim of threatening letters. She is faced with the realisation that someone may not just be wanting to frighten her, but to actually cause her harm.
As Christmas approaches Emma is troubled by reoccurring thoughts of a lonely Christmas, particularly as everyone around her is in a loving relationship and looking forward to a romantic Christmas. This forces Emma to decide what she really wants, and if she’s prepared to risk her heart one more time to get it.
Available from Amazon US for $0.99 or Amazon UK for £0.99. The paperback is £7.99.
Girl, Unconventional
girl unconventional sasha laneGirl, Unconventional is the final book in the trilogy following on from Girl, Conflicted and Girl, Unhinged, which tell the story of Emma, a thirty four year old girl trying to make her way through life.
Emma’s best friend, Sophie, is pregnant. Simon and James have adopted twin boys and, although she’s in a happy relationship with her lovely boyfriend, Joe, Emma feels like marriage and babies are surrounding her.
As the birth of Sophie and Matt’s baby looms, Emma contemplates her own life plan. Now she’s in her mid-thirties, decisions around marriage and babies seem more prominent. Emma struggles with her own thoughts about motherhood, and feels the pressure of expectation by those around her to conform to the conventional idea of wedded bliss and two point four children.
As she looks at her family and friends, Emma realises that there are relationship pressures and lifestyle challenges whichever path you choose and despite being in a loving, happy relationship with Joe, the question around whether a wedding or a baby feature in her future proves to be a difficult one to answer.
Available from Amazon US for $2.99 or Amazon UK for £1.99. The paperback is £7.99.
You can contact Sasha and read more about her work through the following channels, including her gorgeous Author Website. As a blogger I’m always on the lookout for cute sites by fellow authors and I really fell in love with the layout Sasha is using.

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