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Review: Amalfi Coast by La Parfumerie Anglaise

In case anyone didn’t know, one of my passions is perfume. For a while, my life was all about fragrance and I didn’t just study it, I made it, I sold it and I helped others design their own unique scents. So, I am always delighted when I discover a new perfume house. Recently I was given the chance to sample a scent called Amalfi Coast by La Parfumerie Anglais. I received one small bottle in exchange for an honest review.

la parfumerie anglaise review

La Parfumerie Anglaise is a company formed by a group of people with diverse ages and tastes. They refer to themselves as perfumistas, which I love! They all have a passion for scents and fine fragrances and believe that fine fragrances should be an everyday pleasure and not a treat that is only enjoyed sporadically. They aim for high quality at affordable prices and try to capture fragrance trends whilst not sacrificing any of the glamour and elegance that is associated with perfumery.

la parfumerie anglaise review

La Parfumerie Anglaise has four collections available on their website, namely Parisian Chic, Tales of the Orient, English Garden and The Italian Collection.  Amalfi Coast, as you can imagine, is from The Italian Collection. The bottle is available in 10ml or 50ml and they cost £8.50 and £25 respectively. As a former artisan perfumer, I can confirm that they’re very reasonably priced as the raw ingredients for fragrance can be expensive and the bottles and packaging are the biggest expense. So, to sell an eau de parfum for these prices is excellent.

la parfumerie anglaise review

My first impression of the bottle and packaging was that it was very well presented. It comes in a white box with the brand and fragrance name printed in a classic font with the brand’s signature smudge of colour brightly splashed under the name. The side of the box has the fragrance name printed clearly and the back has the ingredients and allergens listed. For those who like locally made perfumes and live in Britain, this is made in the England, so you’d be supporting a British brand. The bottle is clear, has a rectangular design with a silver coloured lid. It looks good on the dressing table or in the bathroom thanks to its stylish, clutter-free design.

la parfumerie anglaise review

The fragrance itself is gorgeous. Being named Amalfi Coast, I expected it to be lemony and packed full of citrus but the fragrance I tried was not. It was a pleasant surprise to find that it had a very fresh, clean powdery scent that was floral and reminded me of an old Body Shop perfume oil from the 90s called Flirt. It is quite a sexy scent in that you can imagine it being worn by a glamorous starlet from the golden age of Hollywood. But maybe that’s just my imagination going nuts!

So, if you can imagine the scent from this list of notes, you can make up your own mind. The top notes are bergamot, lemon and mandarin, heart notes are neroli and jasmine and the base note is musk. Jasmine was my first impression and the powdery scent made me think of violets, particularly parma violet sweets. I got absolutely no citrus in it at all and I would say this is intensely floral. It’s a little bit musky but I could have sworn the base was amber. It is exactly like the amber I used to use when making my own scents – like baby powder without the sweetness. The complexity of this fragrance has overpowered the citrus notes and being a fan of lemon scents, I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t pick up any at all. It is delicious but deliciously floral.

It’s definitely a day time perfume, perfect for sunny holidays and casual shopping trips. It has moderate silage so it won’t overwhelm you. The base notes come through quickly too so you’ll get a good idea of what the end result will be like within ten minutes or so. It has good longevity too and lasted around seven hours on my skin, although not so long that it was noticeable to those around me.

Overall, I would recommend this brand and this fragrance and would purchase from them in the future. I really like some of the names of their fragrances and have been browsing their site, trawling through the list of notes that are displayed for each fragrance. With bottles starting at £8.50, if you know someone who likes to support British brands and up-and-coming perfume houses, this could be a good stocking filler option for Christmas.

You can read more about La Parfumerie Anglaise on their website.


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