Pictures From Glasgow Pride 2017

I had my doubts about whether I should visit Glasgow that day or not. Having just seen on the news that there were terrorist attacks in Spain, I’m now wary of going to events in big cities. It’s a sad fact about modern life that marches such as Pride are now targets for terrorism. However, if you stop living your life and doing the things you want to do, you let the bad guys win, so off we went to Glasgow to do some shopping and while we were there, we saw the Pride march.

Being a straight woman, Pride marches aren’t really something you would expect me to be interested in, but I’m not just a straight woman. I’m a mother of a little boy and I want him to grow up knowing that it’s ok to be whoever you are. So, although he didn’t ask why the march was happening, as he was only interested in the bubble machines blowing suds from an open-top bus, I tried to explain to him that these people are marching for love. It’s as simple as that.

glasgow pride 2017

My family supports the Pride march because we support freedom and equality. We support everyone’s right to be whoever they are and be that person in public. We support their right to express themselves and to kiss whoever they like. We also support their right to blast Britney tunes at full volume in the middle of Buchanan Street while dressed in drag and blowing kisses to the haters. Love it.

glasgow pride 2017


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