My Week In Freelancing 04/09/17 – 10/09/17

I’m back at work after my break and I genuinely feel refreshed. It’s been one of my busiest weeks for a long time in terms of fiction but the freelancing side of things has been quiet. Below is a list of the OxGadgets jobs I’ve done.

Review: Keyport Pivot

Cello Electronics Launch Their First Battery Operated TV

Back to School Gadget Shopping List

As for my other freelancing work, I had some news this week that totally changed the way I’m viewing my mystery shopping work. I had been keeping it to a minimum because I’m claiming Carer’s Allowance and I am only allowed to make £116 per week before I’m penalised. It made sense to only undertake work that kept me below that threshold. However, I had a chat with a man from the DWP on Thursday of this week who said that the mystery shopping work I do for a Dutch company is actually viewed the same way that competition earnings are viewed. It’s not viewed as self-employed income.

Now, that’s not to say that all mystery shopping work would be viewed this way and I’m pretty sure the work I used to do for Market Force is treated as self-employed earnings since there’s a lot of paperwork involved and I have to officially invoice them, but Dutch company Roamler might be a different story. The photos are only paid for if they meet specific criteria and you’re the first to submit so technically it could be considered a competition. You’re surveyed in a short time frame and although you’re a self-employed agent, it’s a completely different ball game from Market Force. I can say that for sure since I’ve worked with both.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to declare my income from Roamler because the last thing I would want is to be penalised or seen as a fraudster and to be honest, the DWP scare me a little. But it does change the approach I’ll be taking and I’ll no longer be turning down work because I’m afraid of earning too much.

That’s all for this week!

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