My Week In Freelancing 18/09/17 – 24/09/17

I’m late to write this post again because for some reason, my foot keeps going dead every time I sit at the computer. It’s really off-putting and it scares me a lot so I’ve been spending more time away from the laptop which is fun but not exactly productive. During the week I’m documenting I wrote five reviews for OxGadgets and did my first freelance mystery shop for quite some time. It was worth it though because I got a decent amount of money for very little effort. I also pitched for a few jobs that I didn’t get, but one I did and that was a blog for a bespoke jewellery company that will be featured on RockPaperSpirit very soon.

This particular mystery shop involved a new take-away feature of a local store. All I had to do was answer questions about my experience of them. It didn’t take a lot of time and it was more like market research than mystery shopping as I didn’t have to leave the house to do it. This is the kind of job I like! I was paid right away which makes it all the sweeter.

Here are the links to the OxGadgets jobs.

Review: Romoss Power Bank

Review: Hive Smart Sensors

Review: C3PO Bluetooth Speakers

Review: Smore Magazine

Review: Pure Siesta S6

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