My Week In Freelancing 25/09/17 – 30/09/17

I’ve been doing these freelancing updates for a couple of months now and while I’ve been writing a lot of posts for OxGadgets, it’s been a good way to keep regular readers informed of what I’ve been working on. However, it does feel like it’s been ALL OxGadgets for a few weeks and I can’t seem to sell any of the other articles I’ve written. Now that uni has started again, it’s going to be more difficult to undertake regular work and it will be more of an as-and-when situation. I’ll be going back to music reviews because then I can go on whenever I like, see what’s available and choose what to write. Similarly, I’ll be taking a few mystery shopping jobs here and there, when they become available. As for the OxGadgets work, I’ll do a monthly roundup of all my freelance work and list the links there once per month instead as I can’t justify one post a week any more.

This week I’ve been pitching for jobs. One in particular really interested me as it was about sex toys and all the different ways they can be used. Those who have been following me for a while know about how I campaigned to make more people aware of vaginismus (WordPress just added a red line under vaginismus like it’s not a real word – point made!) and I’ve written in the past about how sex toys aren’t just for fun. They are also a useful way of working on the health of the muscles of the vagina and on confidence issues. So, I’m keen to get that job, although if I don’t, I may take up campaigning again. It’s something I feel is really important and needs to be discussed more.

Other than that, I have one review to share. Here’s the link. It’s for a really awesome set of headphones by a brand called Ailihen.

Review: Ailihen M10 Earbuds

So, I will write another freelancing update at the end of October, hopefully with gossip about Halloween themed mystery shops!

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