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Jewellery can be very powerful. It makes a statement about who you are, who you love and how you want others to see you. It makes sense to take care when choosing a piece for yourself or someone else since they will potentially wear it more often than they wear any item of clothing. That’s why it’s surprising to think that something that is basically an extension of ourselves and our personalities is so often made in bulk and sold in chain stores.

nude jewellery bespoke custom made engagement rings wedding

That’s why when I found Nude Jewellery I knew I had to reach out and request to work with them. Established in 2001, they are a London-based independent jewellers who specialise in unique, quirky, contemporary jewellery and craft their products from high-quality materials. I received a gratuity from them but all opinions are my own (come on, you know nobody tells me what to write!) and I received no monetary compensation for this post, just the gift.

What really appeals to me about Nude Jewellery is that it’s all handcrafted. The independent designers within the business have their own unique style and this shows in the variety of products they produce. They offer both ready-to-wear products and a bespoke design service, which I’ll talk about in a bit more detail later. Obviously since I’m in the Glasgow area it’s difficult for me to get down to their boutique so I’ve had to form an opinion based on their website, the product I’ve tried and my interactions with owner, Nikki Galloway.

nude jewellery bespoke custom made engagement rings wedding

The range they offer is wide and includes, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, rings and ankle chains. You can choose from products crafted in silver, platinum and gold, including yellow, white and rose varieties. Their engagement ring section had me gazing at the screen with heart-eyes. Here, there’s a stunning range of different styles and materials, so whatever your taste is, you will find something that will fit. I liked the fact that there were so many unusual designs, displayed side-by-side with the more classic styles. The gemstones were varied too. The chocolate diamonds and pink sapphires are my new favourite things. Sadly, I’ve never owned either of these so perhaps next birthday I’ll ask for something with a chocolate diamond!

I was immediately drawn to the bespoke engagement ring service. I really believe that every engagement ring should be especially made for the bride-to-be. Our relationships with our future husbands are unique and personal, so shouldn’t the jewellery that tells the world we love them be the same? It doesn’t matter that I’ve been married for nearly thirteen years. I still love looking at rings and for me, the edgier they are the better. As someone who owns a quirky, unique engagement ring (although not from Nude Jewellery) I can tell you that it’s totally worth choosing something that isn’t the norm. People’s reactions when they see your choice are priceless. Of course, a traditional sparkling solitaire is gorgeous and elegant but I like something with individuality. These items are going to elicit an emotional response every time you look at them, so you have to be sure that you’ve got it right and you are investing in something of quality that you’re going to always love. And let’s be honest. Engagement rings aren’t cheap. You can’t risk wasting money on something you’re lukewarm about. The best way to ensure that you’ll always love it is to design your own ring. The best thing about this is, they can also do custom made wedding bands to fit the engagement ring. If you’re looking for a unique, designer, handmade engagement ring, but having a bespoke product isn’t a big deal for you, they have plenty to choose from in a ready to wear range too.

If I was choosing a bespoke jewellery designer in the UK, I think Nude Jewellery would be my first port of call. The owner, Nikki Galloway is an award-winning jeweller with several exclusive jewellery ranges under her belt. She has designed for red carpet events and the Sultan of Brunei. If you choose Nude Jewellery, you’re dealing with a glamorous boutique firm who I can confirm from my dealings with them aren’t at all stuffy. Nikki was approachable and unreserved.

nude jewellery bespoke custom made engagement rings wedding

Now, I want to talk about the vintage-inspired item I’m reviewing. It’s a small Art Deco style silver pendant. To me, Art Deco is synonymous with the classy, confident, forward-thinking flappers of the 1920s and the geometric styles really appeal to me. It’s a style that will always look elegant and since the 2020s are just around the corner, I’m feeling inspired to add lots of Art Deco pieces to my wardrobe and jewellery box.

nude jewellery bespoke custom made engagement rings wedding

The necklace arrived in a gorgeous silver box, tied with a grey satin ribbon. There was a “Nude” brand charm attached, which I thought was a really elegant way to brand the package. Inside, under some protective white tissue paper, the pendant was housed in a black and silver box with the Nude logo on the lid. The chain is 16″ long because I’m quite petite and can’t carry off a longer chain than that but there’s also an 18″ chain available. The chain itself is sturdy and as with all Nude Jewellery products, the timeless Art Deco pendant is handcrafted.

I completely fell in love with this pendant. For a long time I’ve been wearing costume jewellery and now that I’m going for a change in style and trying to step up the quality of the products I wear, this is going to become one of my staple items. I like that it could easily be worn everyday with jeans and not look out of place but it can also finish off a party outfit, especially at this time of year when a bit of sparkle is required! The chain was comfortable, the pendant didn’t feel heavy at all and I got lots of compliments when I started wearing it. It must be eye-catching!

nude jewellery bespoke custom made engagement rings wedding

If you would like to check out this pendant or find out more about Nude Jewellery, you can visit their website or check them out on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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