Beauty Papier Green Tea Blotting Paper Review

Time for something a little different here on RockPaperSpirit. I love trying new and interesting beauty products, especially those from brands who have an altruistic approach to beauty and today I’m reviewing Beauty Papier’s Green Tea Blotting Paper.

The idea is that when you get excess oil on your skin, you can blot it away with these handy little sheets of blotting paper before re-powdering so that the powder doesn’t clump on your skin, which looks unsightly and embarrassing. The sheets are made from wooden hemp and natural pulp with green tea leaf extract which is so nourishing for the skin. This product doesn’t contain any parabens, mineral oil, sodium lauryl sulphates or gluten. It also says on the pack that it doesn’t contain any phthalates but to be honest, I didn’t know what that is or why it’s important. So, having looked it up, I can tell you it’s a type of salt that is a plasticizer which improves durability. It doesn’t sound good, so probably best that there’s none of that in there! They are vegan friendly too, which means they’re cruelty free.

They’re packaged in a cute little credit card sized pack, decorated with green tea leaves patterns and opens at the front to allow easy access to the sheets. There’s 30 in a pack and they’re a little tricky to remove one at a time. The irony is, you probably need damp or oily hands to remove one at a time!

The sheets themselves work a treat! It’s actually incredible the amount of oil they soak up from your skin and don’t really move too much make-up. There’s something gross but satisfying about seeing the greasy residue on the sheet afterwards. Best of all, your skin doesn’t get coated with any powders from the sheets since they don’t contain any, unlike other blotting sheets which leave a residue on your skin.

Overall, I would recommend these if you can afford them. They’re handy to keep in your bag and although many of us probably wouldn’t be too bothered about getting a little oily later in the day, they just make you feel so much fresher. They’re priced at £7.99 for a pack of 30 sheets, so they are a luxury item. Due to their size, I’d say they would make an excellent stocking filler for the beauty conscious female in your life come Christmas time! You can read more about these sheets or buy them on the Beauty Papier website.


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