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A to Z of Lingerie – A is for Applique

I really wanted to be more organised than I am for this years A to Z Blogging Challenge, but here we are on 1st April. It’s the end of the day and I’m breaking my “No technology after 8pm” rule in order to get this post written.

a to z blogging challenge 2018

So, this year’s A to Z is the A to Z of Lingerie. A is for applique, which is basically a piece of fabric stuck onto another piece of fabric. That is essentially what applique is. The older I’ve become, the less likely I am to purchase items with applique because it’s fun, quirky and has a young feel to it, especially the item pictured. (That item is by Cherry Lingerie London, who are NOT paying me to show their picture or mention their name)

cherry lingerie london

Applique can give an otherwise plain garment a bit of personality. Some people love it, some people hate it. I think for me personally, it depends on what applique is used. At 37, I’m probably too old for the styles pictured but I did recently see a black lingerie set in Primark which caught my eye. The bra, panties and body suit were made from a transparent black material but there were applique red roses strategically placed to cover the nipples and pubic area.

cherry lingerie london

What are your thoughts on applique? Would you, or wouldn’t you? Tomorrow I’ll be discussing bralettes.



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