A to Z of Lingerie – B is for Bralette

Welcome back to my A to Z of Lingerie. Yesterday I kicked off by writing about A for Applique. Today I’m moving on to a garment rather than a decoration. Back in 2014 when I attempted a challenge like this, the A to Z of lingerie, I chose to make B for Balconette. This time round, since the autumn/winter trend for 2017/18 was bralettes, I am choosing that instead.

willow layne lingerie the simone bralette review

Bralettes are an item that I have only just started wearing, mostly because they weren’t widely available until recently. For those not familiar, they are essentially just a crop top with some light support, but the difference is that a bralette is usually crafted from the usual fabrics that are used for lingerie, like lace. The one pictured here is by Willow Layne Lingerie, who are NOT paying me to mention their name. I just like the bralette and thought it would be a cool picture to use.

I find them best for lazy days when I’m not exercising or doing anything too strenuous that would require some bust support. However, I don’t find them as comfortable as I think I’m supposed to, so I wouldn’t say they’re a leisure item.

The other thing about bralettes is that there isn’t a lot of support. I’m quite petite and even I don’t feel like I have an adequate amount of support.

Tomorrow, is C for Corset.


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