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A to Z of Lingerie – C is for Corset

I’m in the process of trying to catch up with this challenge. I’m not as well organised as I had hoped to be. Yesterday, I covered the bralette for B. Today I’m tackling C for Corset. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of corsets of my own to post. It’s not an item that I’ve had in my wardrobe for a few years.

a to z of lingerie c is for corset

I think corsets are still popular because of the idea of them, rather than the functionality or the comfort. Let’s be honest, anyone who has ever tried on a corset knows that they are the most uncomfortable garment you will ever wear. And usually, you need someone else to tie it for you.

a to z of lingerie c is for corset

Back in my twenties, I had a few corsets in my wardrobe. They were deep colours, crafted from satin, boned to give me a more flattering shape than nature had decided to give me and trimmed with lace. I never once wore them as underwear. They were my “going out” clothes, worn as a top. Nobody batted an eyelid. Back when the whole boho thing was on trend, and everyone was dressed in floaty, florals and hiding their shape, I was opting for corsets instead.

a to z of lingerie c is for corset

That’s not to say that a corset can’t be feminine. It really depends on how it is constructed and what materials are used. But it’s not for those who like soft fabrics and freedom to breathe.

Have you ever worn a corset? What did you think of it? Tomorrow D will be for Dessous.



  • lindamaycurry

    When I was young I used to wear something called a “step-in”. Some of my friends were wearing “witches britches”. The step-in kept the stockings up. Then came pantihose. Some of these had a control brief. More recently I bought a body shaper when I wore under a tight fitting dress to a wedding. Things have come a long way since the corset but nothing wrong with looking your best is there?

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