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A to Z of Lingerie – E is for Eyelet Embroidery

Still behind a little bit, but plodding on. Earlier today I typed up the blog for the 4th of April which was D is for Dessous and now I’m onto the letter E. I had to struggle really hard to think of anything other than embroidery for E. So that’s what I went for, but let’s not stop there. Let’s go for alliteration and discuss eyelet embroidery! Eyelet embroidery is just a style where there are holes that are finished with along the edges by sewing and used for decoration. You can see an example of it, when used in lingerie, in the picture below.
eyelet embroidery
I love eyelet embroidery and I don’t care that it’s out of fashion. A lot of people opt for lace, satin or something a little more glamorous but eyelet embroidery brings back memories of the first nice bra I ever owned. I was around nineteen when I bought it and up until that point I had always purchased functional, cheap lingerie. I had no job and no money and I could only dream of the pretty items I would buy a few years later in my twenties. I managed to find a cream cotton bra with peach coloured eyelet embroidery and matching panties from a budget range. You would think I had bought a Lambourghini because that’s how I felt.
What are your memories of your first really special lingerie items? Tomorrow is F for my favourite thing ever – fishnets!

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