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A to Z of Lingerie: G is for Guipure

I didn’t manage to get the whole A to Z of Lingerie done during the month of April so I’m catching up and scheduling these posts now, so that they will eventually all be available for people to read if they want. I’ll also do a round-up post once I’m finished which will list the entire A to Z of Lingerie and feature links for each topic. Today is G which is for Guipure.

Here’s another one of those French words. Do you see a theme emerging here? Guipure is a type of lace but it’s a heavy lace. When I think of guipure I don’t necessarily think of lingerie although it is indeed used in camisoles and nightwear. I often see it being used for dresses and tops and what I love about it is that because it’s not as delicate as thinner laces, it’s easy to dress down with guipure as well as up.

guipure lingerie a to z of lingerie blogging challenge 2018

The only guipure I own is a lemon-yellow camisole which I actually wear as outerwear. I team it with a plain white cotton camisole underneath and wear it with jeans or shorts. I think the garment was supposed to be a sexy nighty but it’s too pretty to stay hidden. I do get some strange looks while wearing it, but it’s worth it. In fact, I would say that this is probably one of the reasons why I wear it. Who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd and be different? Underwear as outerwear is an ideal way to do that. Perhaps I should do a post on wearing lingerie as outwear? That might be a good idea! That’s what I love about doing the A to Z Challenge. It sparks new ideas for future blogs. Next up is H which will be for halterneck!

Have you ever worn an item of underwear as outerwear?



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