London Westminster Landmark Architecture England
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Guest Post: Essential Travel Tips For Your London Trip

London Westminster Landmark Architecture England


London is a city endlessly adored by travellers from all over the world. With its famous sights, iconic landmarks, and bustling atmosphere, it’s a destination that simultaneously excites and overwhelms its visitors, a fact that is especially true for those visiting for the very first time. For this reason, it pays to plan and be properly prepared before you go. With that in mind, here are five essential travel tips you should know before your first trip to England’s capital city.

Prepare For Every Weather

The UK is known for its temperamental weather, with rain and wind one minute and sunshine the next. London, unfortunately, is no exception to this rule, so it’s always important that you check the forecast before you pack your bags and make sure that you have appropriate clothing for any situation. This is especially important when you’re going to be out exploring every day of your trip.

Plan Your Timings Wisely

To keep costs low and save some cash, you’re going to want to time your trip and schedule wisely. Make sure you book your accommodation, flights, and trains for low and shoulder seasons to skip the crowds and get cheaper deals. You should also avoid taking any public transport during peak times through the weeks, as they will be expensive and full of commuters.  

Book Your Accommodation Early

You can wing your accommodation when visiting certain towns and cities, but this simply isn’t possible when heading to a place as busy as London. For this reason, you should book your accommodation as early as you can. To save yourself some cash, you may want to consider apart hotels from London Serviced Apartments. This way, you’ll be able to avoid eating out.

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Look Into Free Activities

London is a notoriously expensive city, but that doesn’t mean that everything you do should have to cost the Earth. In fact, there are plenty of free activities you could try throughout your trip, including walking tours and visits to parks. You can also explore one or two of London’s famous museums. It is recommended that tourists leave a donation, but this need only be small.

Take In A Show

The theatre scene in London is absolutely huge and home to some of the best shows in the whole world. For this reason, most visiting the capital city want to take in a musical or play while they’re there. Unfortunately, these can get quite pricey, especially for popular productions. Thankfully, the tickets at TKTS Booth in Leicester Square are massively discounted.

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Don’t Forget Your Oyster

With congestion charges, high parking fees, and traffic, driving around London is stressful and expensive. Because of this, it makes much more sense to use the public transport available to you. To save some cash on tubes and buses, you should pre-purchase an Oyster Card and load it with credit before you go. With this card, you’ll get discounted fares as well as quicker purchases.

Trips to London can be confusing and costly, but, hopefully, with these tips, you’ll avoid all of this and have a great time. What would your top tips be for visiting England’s capital city?


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