creating the perfect kids room children's bedroom little girl's room
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Guest Post: Creating The Perfect Kid’s Room

Ask your child how they want their bedroom decorated and they will probably want it done themed on their favourite film or TV programme. The problem with this is that a couple of years down the line, this will feel babyish to them and you will have to start all over again. That’s fine, if you love decorating and don’t mind the cost of re-doing it every couple of years. However, if you want to avoid this situation, you need to be a bit savvy about how you do the décor in your kid’s room.

creating the perfect kids room children's bedroom little girl's room kid's room

Neutral Walls

Neutral coloured walls are a blank canvas for decorations and ever-changing tastes and they’re very budget-friendly too. If you do want patterns or pictures, limit them to just one wall of the room so that at a future date it is not such a big job to change it. If you cannot resist having something on one wall, make sure it is not so dominant that it takes over the look of the whole room.

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Look out for bargains in bedroom furniture. Finding a perfect bed frame or wardrobe in a sale can save you a lot of money. You may even be able to recycle something you already have. It is amazing what a lick of non-toxic paint can do to a chest of drawers, bed or a wardrobe. You can paint them in the exact colours you want, rather than taking hours searching for them in the shops. It is probably quicker to look at kids’ bedroom furniture collections online than it is to spend hours on your high street. You’ll also find some pieces that you simply wouldn’t find on the high street.


Kids have a habit of not wanting to part with anything, and this makes good storage vital. They will keep teddies from when they were little, and not want to get rid of any of their toys. You may be able to persuade them to part with some, but if they have good storage in their bedroom, they will have somewhere to keep the things they really do not want to throw away.

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Accessories will give the finished look to your kid’s room, and they are the most easily changed at a later date. Bed linen, for instance, that matches the curtains or blinds are always popular as these are not overly expensive. Pictures and art on the walls, a chair at a desk and somewhere for their tablet or laptop to be when it’s not in use.  The blank walls you started with will be a perfect backdrop for these things, and it makes it very easy to change the bedroom of a five-year-old into the bedroom of a teenager at very little cost.

the perfect kids room

A child’s bedroom will have a multitude of purposes. It will be their playroom, where they take friends to, their study and their haven or sanctuary. More important than any of those, it is the place where your child will lay their weary head after a hard day at school, and it needs to feel comfortable and safe for them.

What tips do you have for creating the perfect kid’s room on a budget?


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