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Guest Posts: UK Attractions That Are Fun For The Whole Family

There are an endless number of family attractions in the UK, and some of them are not to be missed. From museums to theme parks they are scattered all over the country, so wherever you live there is bound to be something near you. There are others that people travel long distances for, trips to places like London being popular with families of all ages. Of course, it depends on the age of your children as to which ones would be the best right now, but as they grow they will have more interest in different ones, so as parents you can get to see many UK attractions.

The Natural History Museum

natural history museum london

As you can see at the Natural History Museum’s website this is one of the attractions in the UK for which there is no admission charge. They have exhibits ranging from meteors to dinosaur eggs and Neanderthal skulls, which together with all their other artefacts create one of the most magical places in the country. Where else could you see a whale skeleton greeting you in the entry hall, or the largest piece of gold ever found? It takes a full day to see everything, especially if you stop for some lunch in the T Rex Grill.

There are many other museums all over the country; there are not many places that do not have one close by. The Natural History Museum is rather special though, which is why it attracts visitors from all over the world.

Farms For Children

farms for families

Most kids love farms and farm animals and there are several dotted about the nation that cater for children, often having other activities on them as well. One such example is Willows Activity Farm, and you can find out more at https://www.willowsactivityfarm.com. Places such as this can provide a day of fun for the kids, but they can learn about farm animals at the same time.

Theme Parks


Theme Parks can be expensive to get into, but often once you have paid the entrance fee, and travel costs, the only other thing you have to buy are refreshments. Kids love the rides, and of course, they have different ones to suit all ages. From small roundabouts for the little ones to huge rollercoasters for the older ones, most kids will have a fun day out at a theme park.

Some are more themed than others. There is Legoland where everything is made from Lego Bricks or Harry Potter World where they can see all the magic of Hogwarts. 


warwick castle

The UK has numerous castles, some of which are in amazing condition considering how old they are. Warwick Castle, for example, is one you can wander around and see inside in all its glory. Lots of events are held there all through the year and you can see jousting tournaments among them. The dungeons are worth going into as this is where actors bring some of the most gruesome aspects of the castle’s history to life.

The few places mentioned do not even scratch the surface of the number of attractions for families in the UK and there are literally thousands of them. It is very doubtful anyone will get to see them all. What are your favourite UK attractions?

Written by Julian Lockheart


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