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Guest Post: Does Your Blog Layout Match Your Branding Ambitions?

There’s a good chance it doesn’t. When you open up a website, putting your heart and soul into the layout and the images and any copy you want people to look into, you’re going to need to have the niche you work within forever on your mind. A lot of people out there look to monetise their writing habits online after all, and only the best amongst your community or competitors are going to be making a living off of this.

But what makes you the best? Is it all the classes you took to qualify yourself? Is it the way you have with words and how people respond to them? Is it how your homepage is set out, in a fun and interesting pattern that’s easy to read through? Well, it’s a little bit of all of them, but let’s focus on the latter option here: you’re going to need to start with your layout and whether or not it matches your brand, as first impressions are everything!

Let’s take your plan to the next level!

blog branding

Find Your Flow

Flow is the most important design choice to look into when you’re first planning out your blog’s homepage. You’re going to want categories that naturally link to one another within their subcategories, as well as set them out in some kind of order on the tab load, usually alphabetically. And when you consider that intricate details like these go into finding your flow, you can already realise it’s going to be harder than it sounds!

When you read through something, where are your eyes naturally drawn? They probably scan from left to right, with your attention naturally drawing shorter the further you go down a page. Sure, when it comes to reading books you can stick it out until the end of the chapter, but that’s not how it works online. So make sure your best links are at the top, that you’ve got plenty of breaks for a reader to take, and that your personal logo is in the upper left corner – it’s the first place someone will look.

Know Your Blog Grid

You’re going to want people to be able to read through your content at their own pace without any difficulty, and when it comes to making sure their eyes flow naturally from one line to the next without getting bored, you’re going to need to use a grid.

And your grid needs to be small. If you don’t know what one is or how to implement one, be sure to look into these Adobe InDesign classes to help you out. After all, you don’t want information to be overflowing on your homepage, or any of your landing pages for your other categories, and the best way to do that is to make sure you can cut out the waffle and get to the good stuff immediately.

Your blog layout needs to have your ambitions in mind. Make sure it’s catering to everything you have to say.


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