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Guest Post: Excellent Reasons Why You Might Consider Going Back To School

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And you thought your school days were behind you? Well, they may be, but there are some excellent reasons why you might consider getting back into education. Sure, going back to college or uni as a mature student can be tough, whether you opt for classroom or online-based courses, but the rewards are plentiful. Here are some of the reasons why.

You will gain extra qualifications

At the top of the list is the most obvious reason why you should get back into education. The opportunity to earn qualifications will both a) help you get into a career you have been dreaming of, and b) improve your knowledge and your skill set, whether you are career-minded or not. In both cases, you will emerge a better person because of the valuable lessons learned, and for any job, you will be able to showcase your ability to channel your energies into something academic and practical when you go for an interview.

You will have the opportunity to earn more money

Going back to school may be necessary for a promotion, or it may help you get into a higher paying career. So, while you may have to pay good money to earn yourself an extra education, unless you are eligible for some kind of financial aid, you will get the financial rewards later on when you are in a job or a career position that is paying you more than what you are currently earning.

You will get to meet new people

There are still opportunities for study groups, even if you do an open learning course, so regardless of what path you go down, you will get to meet new people. This is perfect for your social life, as you may meet people who will become lifelong friends, and if your social life has been a little sparse, going back to school, even to night school, may be as good a reason as any to resume an education.

You will have the competitive edge

The job market is tough, but you stand a better chance at getting the job you want with a few qualifications and/or training courses behind you. You stand a better chance of getting promoted. And regardless of your career, you will come out on top in a lot of things, from pub quizzes with your mates, to hot topic debates when you’re out and about socially. Just don’t let it go to your head!

You will surpass expectations

It takes courage to go back to school as a mature student, but by doing so, you will have taken that first confident step. Not only will you prove to yourself that you have what it takes, but you will also prove your worth to anybody else who may have had low expectations about your ability.

You will gain new experiences

You will experience more than the classroom, as there are often plenty of other things you can get involved in when you go back to school. Some classes may require student trips, so you won’t be stuck behind the desk all of the time. There are often extracurricular activities too, especially for anybody returning to a college or university, so take part in any hobby groups that you are interested in. Alongside the opportunities for social life, as well as your skills learning, you will open yourself up to lots of new perspectives and experiences.

You can switch fields

Sick of your current job? By getting an education, you don’t need to be stuck in it forever. You can open yourself up to a whole new career path, moving from something that may have become mundane or irrelevant to your life, into a career that is more suited to your passion, dreams, and hopes of a better pay packet.

You can earn more to save more

Should your education open up new job doors for you, you will be able to earn more money to save. You can save for your rainy day and retirement fund. You can save up for family holidays and other luxuries. And you can save for your children, putting money away for their future education and life prospects. So, in many ways, you aren’t just getting an education for yourself, but you are doing it for the sake of everybody in your life that you care for!

You will become a good role model

back to school

Should you have children, you will show them that you take education seriously. They will see you buckling down to do your homework, and they will see the rewards that an education can bring. In theory, this should inspire them to put more effort into their own schooling. But the same applies to anybody you know. If you have family members or friends thinking about going back to school, but who have so far resisted because of fear, your example may spur them on into making that leap back into education.

You will be able to reinvent your life

Let’s face it, we can all get a little bored of who we are. If our lives have no direction, or we feel as if we aren’t developing in any way, we can get a little uncomfortable living in our own skin. But by going back to school, you will open yourself up to change. You will become a better person, because of the courage you will have shown, and because of the new skills and mindsets you develop. You will have focus and direction in your life, and you will have the means to better control your future. You will move from an old life into the new, from tiredness and boredom, into somebody reinvigorated and with a new outlook on who and what you can become.


As you can see, there are loads of reasons why going back to school is good for your life. Sure, there is homework to do, lectures to attend, and challenges in managing your time. We aren’t saying it will be easy to go back to school. But taking everything we have said into account, surely the rewards are worth it? If you have been sitting on the fence, we hope we have given you enough incentive to consider making the leap back into an education. We wish you every success if you do.


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