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Guest Post: Creating A Popular and Successful Blog That Beats The Competition

For some people, a blog is just a platform to create a personal online journal. For other people, a blog is an opportunity to connect with readers. If you fall into the latter category then you might want some assistance to get your voice heard by people out there on the internet. The following suggestions should help you to create a popular and successful blog that beats the competition.

blogging business


Create an appealing website

The best way to create a popular and successful blog that beats the competition is to prioritise your presentation. A well-designed website is bound to make a better impact on visitors within the first few seconds they spend on your blog. First impressions really are important in this game. Good content is important, but a visually-drab layout might deter potential readers before they even give your blog a chance. They might just end up opting for a similar blog instead. Of course, a well-designed website can also help you in terms of SEO. Search engines such as Google rank sites on result pages by assessing their design. The responsiveness of your website layout, in particular, is very important. It needs to be optimised for all manner of devices. It should look neat and tidy on mobiles as well as huge computer screens. That way, you’ll show up at the of result pages and make a good impression on readers. Make sure your design feels unique and special too.

Think about monetisation

Obviously, if you’re aiming for success then you’d probably like to make money from your blog. That doesn’t mean you have to suit up and drain all the fun from your project. You can have a fun time and make money when it comes to the world of blogging. Popularity and success usually go hand in hand, when it comes to monetisation. Building up a big following will open lots of doors for you in terms of earning an income from your blog. Companies like bloggers and social influencers with large engaged and organic audiences. You might get paid offers to sponsor related products or services on your website; it’ll provide promotion for businesses and money for you. It’s a win-win situation. You should do some more research if you’re really interested in the idea of blogging for money. There are plenty of potential opportunities in terms of profiting from your posts. You could even make money by placing adverts on your website; that’s a way to monetise your blog before you’ve even built up a big following.

blogging business


Develop a personal brand

If you want your blog to be popular then you need to let your personality shine through. That’s one of the main reasons people will sign up to one beauty blog over another: they connect with the person. Create a powerful “about” section to reel in potential readers. You need to tell your story. Explain how you came to create the blog, and explain why you’re so passionate about the topic or topics discussed on your website. This will make your readers feel as if they know and understand you. It’ll make them more likely to want to check out your blog properly.



  • Clive

    Your starting point of a blog ‘to beat the competition’ may well be how a commercially oriented blog, aimed at monetisation, needs to operate, but it isn’t for ‘hobby bloggers’ like me! I’ve managed to keep going for six years using just the free site templates provided by WordPress and they have served me well, even though they are pretty generic in style and I’ve never really tried to personalise them. Your point about connecting with readers is what matters for me, and I’ve posted along those lines earlier today – coincidence, or what? It’s horses for courses, I guess, and there is plenty of room in blogworld for all types – long may it remain so!

    • laceydearie

      Thanks Clive. This is an uncredited contribution from another blogger, as most of my posts are now. I’m running it as a magazine and I don’t write myself any more, I just edit what I’m paid to publish. I’ve changed direction with my blog because…well, I need the money! Who knows, I might try starting a new blog one day once the money situation is better. Until then I’m just editor of this site.

        • laceydearie

          Thanks Clive, I’ll pop in occasionally to do some blogging. You can always tell when it’s me though because it will have a conversational style and probably be about my own life ???

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