Review: The Night Sky Star Charts – A Unique Gift

I always like to look for special gift for my wedding anniversary, or the anniversary of when I met my husband. Last year, we named a star together. It’s one of the ones in Orion’s belt and it’s called Shalex. I know it’s not official and these star naming sites are just a bit of fun, but it felt special. One year I used my writing and publishing abilities to create a one-off book for my husband about our own love story. There’s only ever going to be one copy available. Last year, we bought a special star chart from The Night Sky. Here’s what I thought.

the night sky star chart review

Firstly, The Night Sky have not paid me for this review. In fact, they don’t even know I’m writing it, so you can be assured that it is a totally honest and impartial viewpoint. I first heard about them through an Instagram advert and I clicked, thinking it was an interesting idea. You can choose any date and any location and they’ll provide a large chart of the sky at that time and location. I chose 10:30pm on 14th December 2001, which is roughly the time when we met. I chose Kilmarnock as the location because that’s where we met.

You can choose black with white text and images or white with black text and images for your star chart. I chose black with white because it suits the decor in my living room and it’s my own personal preference.

the night sky star chart review

I like the idea. It’s really romantic, but you could choose it for any major event in your life. I would love to have one made up with the date and location of my son’s birth – or conception. I might even consider having a chart made up for the time when my husband proposed because we both remember looking up at the stars that night. It’s just a really cute idea.

It’s not really a down side or a negative, but the chart is much larger and heavier than I expected. Also, it cost around £100 for the chart and delivery, which is a lot more than I would pay for a standard picture for my living room. The only reason I did pay this much is because it’s personalised and unique to us and our relationship. It probably wouldn’t mean anything to anyone else.

Overall, I would recommend ordering your own star chart. It takes about a week for delivery, is shipped from the Republic of Ireland (so keep that in mind when you’re ordering to a set timescale) and would make an excellent gift for a special couple and it would be a really sweet thing to hang in your baby’s nursery.




  1. jenna
    01/29/2019 / 13:44

    I’ve seen these all over the place, and I think they are so cute! I’ve always wanted one but I just can’t decide which date/sky I want… Maybe I’ll decide some day!
    -Jenna ♥
    Stay in touch? The Chic Cupcake

    • 01/29/2019 / 14:09

      It was a tough decision for me too, but I settled on the night I met my husband. Will check out your blog! x

      • Alex Milligan
        01/29/2019 / 18:13

        I love it. xxx

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