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January 2019 – The Fall and Rise of Shaz (Again)

With all the 10 Year Challenge stuff going around a few days ago, I started thinking about what my life was like 10 years ago. In January 2009 I was making mistakes left right and centre. But what I remember about that time of my life is the blogging. Back then I was on Blogger and my site then was called The Fall and Rise of Shaz, so called because I was having a run of bad luck and I was full of plans for getting back on my feet. Little did I know, life was actually pretty sweet then and I didn’t appreciate it. I just kept on making mistakes.

This January there have been a few good points. Firstly, I have had my most successful blogging month in years. I’ve had more page views, more unique visitors and more engagement than I have since 2007 when I was blogging on MySpace, and funnily enough, writing quite a few mental health related blogs. There might be something in that… My blog’s DA also hit 18, the highest score so far. For those who don’t know, Domain Authority is a score given to your blog by the powers that be which shows how authoritative your blog is, 1 being the lowest and 100 being the highest possible. 18 isn’t great but it’s higher than it was in December and this time last year it was as low as 11.

Secondly, I have had my most lucrative book sales month for over two years. The release of Leger In The Blizzard, the promise of a whole year of Leger books to come and the promotions I’ve offered have resulted in renewed interest and my book sales hitting three figures this month. Needless to say, I am pleased! I have a new book coming out this weekend and I’m super excited about it.

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Also, my Twitter following has increased again. This might be the reason for the blogging and e-book upturn. I’ll take it. Last year I considered deleting my social media presence altogether. One too many trolls had scunnered me. But, it’s all part of Rock Paper Spirit and…well, in for a penny, in for a pound. I can take as many breaks as I need.

Regular readers probably saw the news that I am going to start volunteering soon. I’m just waiting for one reference to be returned to me and then the charity will allocate me some shifts which is honestly a lifeline. Although there are other positive things happening in my life, they haven’t helped to boost me the way that this position has. It’s happening out in the real world, whereas everything else is online and invisible.

There’s also been a lot of positives for my life as a mother including some new additions to Luke’s diet, a Silver Award for his behaviour and conduct at school and a 2nd place Burns Award at school for “Excellence In Scottish Literature.”

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It’s also the little things that make me feel lighter. For example, I’ve found a new dentist who just gets the dental phobia thing and doesn’t see me as a drama queen, and I’ve been allocated a new mental health support mentor – finally – although I haven’t had any meetings with him yet. I wouldn’t say things are rosy. My moods are still very low and I feel overwhelmingly angry on a daily basis. But the positives I’ve noticed in the first month of the year are a good place to start rebuilding.


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