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I just want to do a short post today because I’m busy finalising the latest Leger story. I do think this is worthy of a mention on my blog though.

For those who don’t know, I have a seven-year-old son named Luke. Luke has faced many challenges in his short life but he has also had a lot of love directed at him and been given many opportunities that I never had, for example travelling. Luke was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of four. He wasn’t able to communicate in a traditional way or as expected, although the communication is always there. We had minimal help and support from medical professionals. Sadly, in Scotland, this often happens and they don’t take the concerns of parents seriously.

However, from the day I discovered I was pregnant, I read to my non-existent bump. He’s been raised by a writer mother and a book obsessed father, although he showed no interest in books himself, preferring the stories told in computer games. Alex and I even took a speech therapy course ourselves so we could help him. We had kind of given up on him taking any interest in books. But…

Luke received a Burns award at school last week, for “Excellence in Scottish Literature.” Children’s books aren’t his thing, but poems are. I never stopped to consider that possibility. There’s a story, rhythm, alliteration, repetition. Poems are short and can be recited or sung. When you look at it that way, it makes so much sense. Of course he likes poetry.

robert burns award poetry autism

I’ve included a picture of his award. He works so hard and it was a special moment seeing him collect it. He ran rather than walked onto the stage (in true Luke style), ran past the presenter and had to turn back and then punched the air, shouted YES! and despite the rule that he had to go back to his seat after collecting his certificate, he skipped into the crowd to show us. Nobody minded! We took him to Pizza Hut afterwards to celebrate his achievement – it was definitely worthy of a 16″ pepperoni pizza.




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