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Cute, Cool or Quirky Mother’s Day Gifts

The last couple of days have felt like spring here in Scotland, so I’ve started thinking about spring holidays. Here in the UK, Mother’s Day is just around the corner as we celebrate it in March. I’ve started looking around for cool Mother’s Day gifts that aren’t the usual, unimaginative rubbish. I know, I know, candles, cushions, flowers and wine are universally loved by all women (except me) who have given birth – according to those who work in retail and prepare the Mother’s Day promotions. I know I would appreciate something with a little more thought though. Here are a few suggestions for cute, cool or quirky Mother’s Day gifts that you probably won’t have given her before.

KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer – £28.09

The KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer is at the top of my wish list. Printed pictures are back in demand and this is a perfect way to print a cute little picture directly from your smartphone, without any connecting wires. This prints using the Fujifilm Instax Mini paper, which isn’t cheap, so you would have to make sure you really want the picture printed. But I really like the idea. I do own an Instax Mini camera but it’s really big and bulky and I keep forgetting to pack it before I go out. This is a great way to still have little wallet sized pictures without carrying a camera everywhere.

Lipstick Queen Bestsellers Trio – £61.97

If your Mum’s into make-up and you want to get her something a little bit quirky, this is a perfect choice. Lipstick Queen is my favourite lipstick brand and I never leave home without their Frog Prince lipstick in my handbag. Frog Prince is a green lipstick that goes on clear and warms to your body temperature, turning into a gorgeous rose pink colour. In this bestseller’s trio, there’s also Hello Sailor which is a blue lipstick that turns mauve and a standard red lipstick called Medieval. The best thing about their lipsticks is that they are super hydrating and make your lips as smooth as a lip balm would.

Nokia 8110 4G Smartphone – £58.79


Sometimes you just want a digital detox. Mums especially might appreciate a retro phone. As a blogger, I’m never without my iPhone, but I fully intend to switch off next time I go on holiday with my family and to do that, I’ll need a more basic phone without all the bells and whistles. This Nokia 8110 4G phone is my first choice but others are available. It has a 2MP camera, the battery lasts up to 25 days just like old fashioned phones but unlike them, it does connect to Wifi, has email and calendar syncing and there are social networking apps available, in case users end up with FOMO.

VQ Retro Mk II DAB Digital Radio Alarm Clock – £89.99

I want this so much. This is the item that has been on my wish list the longest. It’s a gorgeous DAB radio with a smartphone charging dock. It’s been reduced in price recently and I’m seriously considering buying it, but I’m holding back because I’m hoping I’ll get it as a gift at some point, or maybe I’ll treat myself when I finish the academic year – because it’s been a hell of a year.

Adonit Jot Pro 3 Generation Fine Point Stylus – £31.24

If your budget is limited and you want to get a cheaper gift that still looks elegant and indulgent, there’s this stylus. I have the black version. I reviewed it for OxGadgets a while back and it’s never left my pencil case. The rose gold version is really stylish and on-trend and would make a really nice gift for Mums who like adult colouring because this would help them to do it online!

Von Shef 6 Cup Espresso Maker – £12.99

If you have a Mum who likes her coffee, this is a good choice. I bought my husband one for Christmas and he really loves it and it’s an easy way to make authentic espressos. It makes up to six cups of espresso, although there are three cup, nine cup and twelve cup versions available. 

Sega Mega Drive Classic Game Retro Console – £44.98

A great choice for the Mum who loves gaming, this retro Sega Mega Drive comes with 81 pre-loaded games including the Sonic and Mortal Kombat series. Those who are my age or older will probably have played many of the games included as kids or teenagers. I bought one for my son for Christmas and although he loves it, it’s probably me who plays it most!

Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Carry On Zebra Skin Suitcase – £58.67

This is probably my favourite purchase of the last year. I bought it for my trip to the World’s Strongest Man Tour Finals in September and I’ve used it quite a few times since, including nights away and for hiding Santa presents when it came close to Christmas! It’s sturdy, stylish and has tons of room inside. The best part is, there are two equal sized compartments inside, one of which closes with a zip. I use this to separate clean and dirty clothes while away (because I’m fussy like that). There are leopard print and camouflage print versions and different colours available.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid to recommend any of the products included and they are based on my own experiences with the products, or my own desire to own them. Affiliate links are included and I will receive a small amount of commission if you purchase these products or go on to purchase a product within 24 hours after clicking on the links.


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