A to Z Blogging Challenge: D is for Dark Nights and Fairy Lights

The first week of the A to Z Blogging Challenge is now almost up. After today, there will be two more posts and then a break for a standard review post. I have to say, I’m really enjoying writing about the things I daydream about and hopefully you are all enjoying reading them. If not, don’t worry. Normal service will resume on 1st May. Today, you get D for Dark Nights and Fairy Lights. Yes, you guessed it. It’s a Christmas blog post, but I already used C for Cyprus, so I had to be more specific and list what I love about Christmas.

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Dark nights and fairy lights conjure up images of early winter for me. Where I live, in Scotland, it gets dark around 3:45pm from November until the start of January. Although I really love summer for the extended daylight hours, I try to embrace the dark as much as possible in winter and make the best of it by going into hibernation mode. There’s something very comforting about the hot chocolates and cosy socks that accompany dark nights.

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Then there’s the fact that we’re all preparing for Christmas. It’s one of my favourite times of year because everybody has a busy, excited vibe. It really crushed me when I was working in an office in another life, where nobody enjoyed Christmas and the very mention of it drew groans and complaints. What is it like to be that joyless at the most joyful time of year?

christmas blog fairy lights

Well, actually, last year I got to experience that. I was in the grip of a particularly nasty bout of depression and this wave of misery hit me around the middle of November and stuck with me until the week before Christmas. It was horrible. I remember we were driving to a local shopping centre one night and Christmas music was playing. All I could think was that I wanted it off and it was igniting this rage inside me. That was a completely new experience for me and a big sign that something was wrong. I’m a festive person and I love Christmas and feeling that way frightened me. That’s why I’ve put dark nights and fairy lights onto my wish list because I was robbed of that joy last year.

christmas blog fairy lights

I’m the kind of person who has a Christmas tree in every room of the house and lights on my outdoor tree too. I start my Christmas shopping August and all the presents are wrapped as soon as they come into the house. I watch my first Christmas movie in October and I play Christmas music as soon as my Dad’s birthday is over (24th November – that’s when Christmas really starts for me). I try to stretch the festivities out as long as possible, usually 12th night on 5th January and I begin planning for the following year by making lists and notes.

It occurred to me that I might enjoy having a Christmas blog but would that kind of thing work? There would be plenty to say from October to January and I would probably do some Christmas in July posts. Christmas in July is apparently a thing now. The problem is that I really enjoy crafts but I’m not very good at them. I don’t think you need to be an expert to enjoy doing something but to write a blog about it and speak with authority, especially on a visual medium, you need to have pictures and advice worth sharing. Still, it’s an idea that’s filtering around in the back of my mind. I’d never say never.

christmas blog fairy lights

This year, I hope I’m well enough to enjoy Christmas. I hope that my health, both physical and emotional, is in peak condition and then I can embrace the season in the way that I wanted to. I’m glad I wrote this post, even if the time of year is inappropriate because it shows that not everything on my wish list is about material items or experiences that cost money. I’m all about the glitter and mistletoe. And things that are as simple as drinking hot chocolate in cosy socks and pyjamas on a calm winter night with a set of £5 fairy lights twinkling somewhere in the room.

When do you start celebrating Christmas, if you celebrate it at all? I’d love to know and remember, if you share a comment, please leave the address of your own blog as a link. I’d love to visit as many sites as possible during the challenge so that I can read about everyone else’s A to Z challenges.

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