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A to Z Blogging Challenge: E is for Electrolysis

It’s day 5 of the A to Z Blogging Challenge and after yesterday’s ode to Christmas, I’m now writing about a beauty treatment. Or is this a tech post? I honestly can’t tell. But if you’re interested in beauty tech, this could be the post for you. E is for electrolysis.

a to z blogging challenge 2019

The Background

For those who don’t know, I struggled to eat solid food as a teenager. There was an extended period of time when I was on a liquid diet. I had countless people assume I was anorexic and who could blame them? All they saw was a teenage girl who wasn’t eating. They didn’t know the reasons why, but their basic imaginations could only go as far as the eating disorders they had seen on TV soap operas.

In some ways, the way the diet affected me was similar to the way an anorexic’s limited diet would affect them. I lost a lot of body fat, my periods stopped for a while and I started to grow hair in unexpected places. Even now, the effects of that time are still with me. I’ve been having early menopause symptoms and my extremities are always cold. But since this is a post about electrolysis I am going to focus on the hair issue.


When I First Had Electrolysis

I was around twenty years old before I was back on a “normal” diet, if there is such a thing, and it also took me that long to find the emotional energy to deal with the other effects. The unwanted body-hair was the first thing I tackled. I remember trying all sorts of things to get rid of it, like epilators, depilatory creams, shaving and this really weird sandpaper-type device that sanded the hair off. I’m not even kidding! None of them were permanent and I found it really upsetting having to constantly deal with the hair. I worried that nobody would ever fancy me when I felt like a human kiwi fruit.

I had heard a lot of anecdotes about electrolysis but most of them were bad. For example, I heard that it was done with needles, scarred you for life and didn’t always work. I decided to seek out an electrolysis practitioner locally. They explained that there had been a lot of advancements in the technology used.

Firstly, the treatments they provided did not involve needles. A conductor gel was applied to the skin. Then a special tweezer pen was dipped into the gel. This transferred the electric current to the hair and hair follicles around the area. I had to have the hair waxed first. This was because the electric current worked more efficiently on younger, more vulnerable hairs that were newly grown. Afterwards I had to drink lots of water and apply a ton of moisturiser.


I had limited funds because I had just started my first job, so I asked for a similar at-home electrolysis kit for Christmas that year. Every other night, I used this kit on the unwanted hairs. Within twelve weeks, I was hair-free in that area.

So, Why Does She Want Electrolysis Again?

So, you might ask yourself why I want to put electrolysis on my wish-list. Well, the fact of the matter is, it’s not as permanent as people would have you believe. It killed the hairs that were growing at that point in my life, but I’m now getting older and my body’s changing. It’s nearly twenty years down the line and new hairs have appeared, some in the same area and some in others. It could be an after-effect of what happened during my teenage years, a product of my diet and stress levels now or simply getting older and reaching a certain age. I will never know. It could be a combination of these things.

I’d love to obtain another electrolysis kit that I can use at home and repeat the treatment. I’m currently using a Finishing Touch Flawless and I love it (that’s not an ad, they haven’t paid me to say that. I just genuinely love it) but it’s not permanent and it would make life so much easier if I didn’t have to use it every morning. There have been other advancements in beauty technology since I was last treated, so it’s fully possible that there’s something else out there that would suit me better. I’ve heard good things about laser hair removal and quite fancy trying that too.

Ladies, we all have hair that we don’t want to have. Some of us have more than others, thanks to hormonal issues, genetics or just being unlucky. I really admire the women who embrace their body hair and don’t care whether they have it on show or not. Some people criticise them, but honestly, I wish I felt that confident about my body hair! We all have our body hang-ups and I’ve been very fortunate to not have that many. My anxieties in life are centred around abilities and relationships rather than my body. But if there is one thing I would change, I would get rid of the unwanted hair for good.

Coming Soon…

Thanks for visiting my A to Z Challenge and sticking with it through the first week. Tomorrow, I’ll be writing F for Four Foot Ten (link won’t work until after 6th April). If you’d like to head over to my author site, where I’m writing the A to Z of Nanowrimo and you can read my E for Enthusiasm post. If you’d like to read my previous posts, just scroll through my site or click on the A to Z Blogging Challenge category.

Do you have any experiences of electrolysis? Share them with me below. I need to be well-informed in what developments there have been in beauty tech before I make any final decisions.


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