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A to Z Blogging Challenge: F is for Four Feet Ten

Ah, I made it to the end of the first week of the challenge! And what’s more, I had all of these posts scheduled. I actually wrote this one in March, so I feel really pleased with myself for being so organised. First, I suppose I should wish you a happy weekend. Secondly, I should thank you for sticking with me thus far. And finally, here’s my sixth A to Z Blogging Challenge Post. F is for Four Feet Ten. That might sound like it doesn’t fit with the wish list theme, but bear with me please. It does. Four Feet Ten would be the name of my petite fashion blog, if I had one.

a to z blogging challenge f

Why A Petite Fashion Blog?

As I little girl, I wanted to be lots of things, writer mostly. At one point, I wanted to be a tightrope walker and for a short time, I had dreams of being a model. I remember telling my teacher and she laughed at me. I was about nine-years-old at the time. She said, “You do know you have to be tall to be a model?” I remember feeling very small at that point, and not just physically small. At no point did I ever want to be taller just so I could realise this dream. I just wanted my teacher to stop being such a fun-sponge. But this is 2019! Anybody can be anything they want! And if a 38-year-old, 4 ft 10 woman wants to be a model for a day, she totally can be.

Four Feet Ten – The Plan

So, at some point, I would love to live out that fleeting childhood wish by launching a petite fashion blog. It would cover all aspects of petite fashion. I would post reviews of items I’d bought, and it would talk about how to find the best accessories for your petite body, like lingerie and shoes and bags. I might say something about how to make yourself look taller, but I’m all about self-love so I would more likely encourage petite ladies to embrace their height. Anything about life that affects shorter women would be included in the blog.

petite fashion blog

But blogs take time and hard work. I’m busy working on Rock Paper Spirit and Broken Heels right now, as well as my own author site, so I don’t really have time to launch Four Feet Ten. Some day I will though. I guarantee it.

Summing Up

I’m now left feeling like I don’t have much else to say. I want to open a petite fashion blog. One day I will. That’s it. One of the reasons why I haven’t done it and have chosen to work on Broken Heels rather than Four Feet Ten is my age. If I was 25 I would probably go right ahead and buy a domain name and hosting plan. I suppose being in my late-30s is one of the things that puts me off. I look at other fashion bloggers and they all seem younger and prettier than me. I’ve seen a few petite fashion sites and the girls all have a similar look to other fashion bloggers, but they are just a few inches shorter.

Another reason why I’ve waited is that I wonder if I have the right “look” to write about fashion. I’m not a slave to the latest trend. I like what I like and sometimes I wear things that are outdated or mismatched, just because I like them. I have my own style. I don’t know exactly what value I could bring to others by sharing my own style choices. If someone has a distinctive look that inspires others, they should definitely be a fashion blogger, but that’s not me. I think it would be a self-indulgent project, for me and it would benefit nobody but me.

Was there a childhood dream of yours that somebody crushed with realism? Is there a way you could live it out in adulthood? Share in the comments below. And remember to share your own site if you do comment, because I want to visit as many new blogs as possible during the challenge.

Tomorrow is our day off from the challenge, but I’ll be back on Monday with G is for Gibraltar (link won’t work until 8th April). If you hop over to my author site, you can read the A to Z of Nanowrimo, where today I’m talking about Forums.


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