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A to Z Blogging Challenge: K is for Knee Boots

Almost at the end of the second week and starting to schedule posts again today. There was a point this when I could easily have given up on this challenge. It doesn’t sound that difficult to people who aren’t doing it but writing a blog post every day for a month is as difficult as a diet. There’s a huge amount of stamina and discipline involved and when you have an off-day and you’re tired, you’d rather watch TV than sit in front of the laptop, blogging. It’s especially difficult when there aren’t many people engaging with the posts. That makes it feel pointless at times but I’m going to continue reading everyone else’s posts and commenting and hope at some point that people come to Rock Paper Spirit and interact with me too. This post is a fashion post: K for Knee Boots, an item that is always on my wish list. I will never own enough.

a to z blogging challenge 2019

I think I first wanted a pair when I was around thirteen or fourteen years old. They were coming back into fashion around that time and all the older girls at school were wearing them. They looked cute and I was determined to buy a pair. However, they were expensive – still are actually – and I had something like £4 pocket money a week. I would have to save for months to be able to afford them. I was around sixteen when I finally got a pair. Can you believe nobody bought me them for Christmas or a birthday or anything? The injustice of it still stings. When I became a student again in my mid-thirties, I decided that I would make good use of my student discounts and snap up lots of cut-price knee boots.

london day trip buckingham palace bank of england tourism london eye trafalgar square ryanair knee boots

As a thirty-eight year old woman, I now own several pairs. I have black suede zip-ups, brown leather zip-ups and black, camel, stone and red pull-ons. Actually the pull-ons are probably better classed as over-the-knee boots but any long boots count for the purposes of this blog. It doesn’t matter that I own all these already, I still want more. I will never own enough knee boots. They’re my second favourite type of footwear, after Dr. Martens. I have my eye on some olive-green ones and purple ones for next winter.

knee boots

I definitely prefer pull-on boots over zip-ups. That’s always been my preference because I have (ahem) shapely calves and I find it difficult to find zip-up boots that fit well all round my leg. Also, I once had an embarrassing moment with a zip-up boot. I was in an appointment where I had to remove my boots and the room was really hot. I mean, like a sauna. I think the guy in charge of the heating must have had ice in his veins because seriously, that’s place was always well warm. Plus, it was around the time that I had hurt my back and hip and I wasn’t able to walk much which meant I was in swell-hell, especially in the heat. So, yeah, I couldn’t get the boot back on. Or rather, I got it halfway on and then the zip stuck because my leg had swollen up. Couldn’t get it up or down. Nightmare. I made a point of wearing the boots again the following week though, because I didn’t want it to look like I was massively embarrassed (which I was) and thankfully, I didn’t swell up that week. I still cringe when I think about it. I sold those boots on eBay not long ago and replaced them with the stone coloured pull-ons.

over the knee boots lacey dearie


I’ve seen some women my age and younger saying that they’re too old for knee boots. Rubbish! It’s not about age, it’s about attitude and I think I still rock them. If you start believing you’re old then your face and body will catch up with your thoughts and you’ll start looking old. I firmly believe that your attitude leads the way.

red over the knee boots

I’ve featured some pictures of some of my boot collection. I need to replace the black zip-ups. I’d like to share a photo of the boots that are on my wish-list but that’s getting into the shady territory of advertising and that’s not allowed on the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

black over the knee boots


Tomorrow I’m doing another fun one. L is for Leaving A Shoe At The Ball. I think that one will give my parents a giggle because they know what I’m going to be writing about. Over on my author site I’m writing about K for Knocks in my A to Z of Nanowrimo.



  • topsues01

    Hi Lacey. Loving the boots & especially your writing. It was engaging & kept my attention all the way through.. good luck with your challenge, it will definitely be interesting to see what comes next 😁

  • Jz

    Knee boots really do look wonderful – I absolutely don’t blame you for wanting even more colors.
    Bring ’em on!

    Happy A-Z’ing.

  • Miss Andi

    They suit you for sure! When I had some less kilos, I loved my pull-on boots, too. Unfortunately now there are no boots for my fat calf, which is a shame. So keep rocking them for me too! 🙂

    I agree with your sentiment as well in the beginning of your post, I visit about 15 blogs a day, and if 5 come back, I’m lucky. Not sure what happened, this challenge used to be better at connecting. Either way, don’t get discouraged, it helps your writing, your discipline and stamina! And it’s great fun for us readers, too 🙂

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