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A to Z Blogging Challenge: S is for Selfie With A Giraffe

Welcome back to my A to Z Blogging Challenge posts. I’ve fallen a little behind, but instead of trying to do the posts that I’ve missed, I’m writing the post that I was meant to write today anyway, which is S, and I’ll catch up later when I have time. So, today is S for Selfie With A Giraffe, which is one of the items close to the top of my wish list. If you’d like to read the rest of my posts, you can catch up by clicking on my index post, which is right here.

a to z blogging challenge 2019

I’ve always been a short person. I’m 4ft 10 (and a half) and it’s the one thing I can’t change about myself. I mean, you can dye your hair, go on a diet, get a whole new set of teeth and wear coloured contact lenses. But no matter how high my heels are, I’m still going to be a short person. Even with the 4 inch stilettos I used to wear to my old office job, I was still classed as petite and much smaller than everyone else in the office. I am forever going to be “Wee Sharon.”

Now, there’s two ways I could look at this. I could be really annoyed about it and wish that I was taller. There are so many people my height and even taller who wish they could be tall, or at least a few inches bigger than they are, and I think that’s a real shame. Then there are people like me, who absolutely love being small. It’s my USP. It makes me different from the majority of people around me and I can still fit into clothes from the teen department. As for shoes, I’m a UK size 3 (sometimes a 2, depending on the shop I go to) and that means I also get to buy shoes from the kids’ department. You know what that means? I don’t pay VAT on my shoes.

So, I think it would be really funny to take a selfie with a giraffe, because I’m so short. I love giraffes. I have giraffe print clothes in my wardrobe, giraffe pyjamas (more than one pair actually) and whenever I go to a zoo, the giraffes are always the first animals I look for. Last time I met a giraffe, I don’t think selfies were a big thing. It wouldn’t matter if the selfie showed me with a giraffe’s legs, to show how short I am or if it showed me with a giraffe bending down to my height – which is my preference. I just think it would be cute to get that selfie.

giraffe selfie

What is the one selfie that you wish you could take?

Tomorrow I’m planning to write about T for Torquay, but who knows if that will happen on the day it’s supposed to?! I’m snowed under with other stuff and might not get a chance until later, but if it does happen on another day rather than tomorrow, it will still be dated 23rd April. I’m also writing about S for Stress over on my A to Z of Nanowrimo on my author site.


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