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The A To Z Blogging Challenge: U is for Unicorn

Today I’m writing about U and this is the post I’ve been desperate to write about since the challenge started. As soon as I started thinking about what I wanted each letter to represent, I made a list of things starting with each letter of the alphabet that are on my wish list and this was at the top. Although, obviously, because it begins with U I had to shift it to near the bottom. Anyway, I digress. U is for Unicorn and I don’t actually want a unicorn because that would just be silly but there is a story behind this.

a to z blogging challenge 2019

My son Luke is at that age when he wants a lot of things. I, as his mother, have to find an appropriate way to respond to these requests and show him that although he can work hard and achieve what he wants in life, he can’t instantly have everything he wants and he just has to accept it. That’s how I was brought up and that’s how I’m bringing him up too. So, the conversation usually went like this:

Luke: Mum, I want *insert toy or game or activity here*

Me: No

Luke: Mum, but I want *whatever he wanted*!

Me: Aye, and I want a unicorn, but it’s not going to happen

So, that became a theme for us. Whenever he wanted something that he wasn’t going to get, my response was always, “Aye, and I want a unicorn, but it’s not going to happen.” This used to confuse him and he would go quiet but then he started to look pensive whenever I said it. Then, my 37th birthday happened and when I walked downstairs that morning and saw Luke’s present, I almost cried. He got me a unicorn.

david the unicorn

Of course, it wasn’t a real unicorn. It’s an inflatable £10 unicorn from Primark, but isn’t it awesome that I always used to say I wanted a unicorn and it wasn’t going to happen, so Luke made it happen? We take the unicorn with us whenever we go on holiday now. Luke has named it David after my Dad.

The only problem is that now I can’t use that response when I’m telling him no. I have to just give a straight no, which prompts questions and requests for explanations and logic (because autism). Sometimes I find myself trying to use the old unicorn justification for him not getting what he wants, but he just laughs at me.

Tomorrow I’m writing about V for Very Irresistible. I know we’re not supposed to write about brands or products in the A to Z Blogging Challenge because it’s classed as advertising but I’m not being paid for this, it’s not sponsored and I’m not putting any affiliate links in, so I think this will ok. Over on my author site today I’m writing U is for Underwear. You might think that has no connection to Nanowrimo, but I assure you, I tried my best to create a link between the two, no matter how tenuous it might be.



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